Jolly Season, we give thanks!

Carols everywhere. The buzz is all around. Who can’t feel it?
It comes once in a year, and it always comes with its special thrills and frills.

Its Christmas!

A good time to recap and duff a hat to The One who kept us thus far……


Not only are we alive, but hale, hearty, full of hope……come what may…..

The buzz of the season should not cloud our reason.
Give thanks.


Dance and rejoice.
2012 has swallowed a lot, I mean a whole lot of people. Dignitaries, commoners,  every level. But you are still standing.


Let the praises ring loudly.
As you merry with the season, let your merry heart rejoice in the one who brought you this far.
IGWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kabiyesi oooooooo!!!!!!!! Father we return with gratitude and thanksgiving!


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