Skill is power!-DGV Fashion Academy.

We all learn to acquire knowledge. And at a corner something tells us- have a little something you can always fall back on or switch to if need be.


Top on the list, believe in You! You are the first step to anything you dream of achieving. If you don’t move, nothing moves.


Time waits for no one. Like someone said,”procrastination means never having to say no”. take the step and let your dream start unfolding.
The time is Now!
DGV Fashion Academy is the perfect place to unveil the leader within.


Well equipped to make your stay eventful, worth remembering…


We don’t just train you how to sew,draft and design…..we delight in watching as a new you Unfold…
It has always been a sweet experience from one student to another as we keep growing……
We remain the biggest in this city,not only in capacity, but also in delivery.
A student to a machine in the sweetest environment you could think of…serene and cool to aid assimilation.
100 sewing machines on ground…


So your space Is your space….
As we keep soaring we call you to soar along…let the gift in you find expression……
DGV Fashion Academy
Inside Walan Hotel (Drovans hotel)
Akinyemi way,Ring road ibadan.
Twitter ——dgvstyles.

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