Maximising the time I had 14 years ago brought me here.


Time they say waits for no man. The time you have at your fingertips now is the best asset you could have, if only you make good use of it.
     Everything and almost anything may be bought back, but time, no man can ever buy back. That’s the more reason you have to make the best use of that time you have today.
I recall vividly the day I decided to add “something” to my education. I put pride in a bag got myself on a sewing machine to start the training …just like yesterday. ……. And here I am today. All thanks to God.
If I had procrastinated, maybe this dream would have died…..but wait a minute. …..the dream won’t only die; I would have killed millions of dreams and Destiny attached to mine. Hmmmmmm, that would have been an everlasting regret.
    I’m grateful I yielded, and still yielding to help others bring that dream within Alive.


Whatever step you choose to take, always remember its not all about you, so many others are bound to benefit from it, that’s why you can’t afford not to be your best.


   Oh   Yes ASUU has decided to go on strike at this time, what have you thought of striking in this period too. This is a time to strike Gold and stand empowered.
In our Fashion School, you have the opportunity to start now and continue at your pace even if ASUU calls it off.
The time you have now is so special and worthy, if you don’t use it well you might be putting not only yourself but a generation at a disadvantage.
……I can imagine if I never took that decision 14 years ago. What would have become of these ones God has destined to raise through me…..

  We are the future!  Yes. But some of us must take that bold and great step today.

“To lead the people, walk behind them.” -said Lao Tzu. And that’s the path I have chosen. The lives attached to mine shall fulfill Destiny. And you???


This is your chance, Use it well. Its never too late to Learn a skill. Skill is Power.

Inside Walan hotel (former Drovans Hotel)
Ring road, IBADAN. Oyo state. Nigeria.
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8 thoughts on “Maximising the time I had 14 years ago brought me here.

    1. Not marketing o. Lol. Its that, in 2 weeks you will be able to handle and sew on your own without prior knowledge. No one stops learning. Not even me with my 14 years experience. But 2 weeks in dgv could give you what others spend months for.

    1. Well. I can’t speak for myself. Try to come over and if possible sneak around to ask the students, at least by then you will believe. It has worked for 3 years for over 200 students.
      Thanks and stay blessed.
      Realistic, Yes. Certified, Yes!

  1. DVG is trusted for dere unique outfit , av seen a couple of dem but am not trusting dis 2wks training.

    1. Not 2 weeks training. Every student must cut and sew in 2 weeks max on their own without assistance. Our duration ranges from 6 weeks to 9 months. Depending on the students choice. But our craft classes can be done and completed in 2 weeks.

  2. For someone who just wants to enrol in your school what are the essential things n fees needed for the process and what are the steps to be taken by the individual.

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