Ladies–Talk; Moms-Gists.

Once in a while, we get to sit around and gist even in the heart of tasks and assignments to meet up with. It’s a point of duty that we don’t only talk or do all about sewing,tailoring and designing alone, it’s an all round duty; afterall many of us especially mothers only experience peaceful hours when we are at the Academy. Away from the mommy……mommy…..tugs and pulls…….


   And really its always good to rub minds, learn and know more. I’ve always told myself, DGV Fashion Academy just be Home away from Home and exactly, that’s what we are seeing (to God’s glory)
     One of those days is today, we stumbled upon a topic – Post Partum Depression (PPD). It happens to so many of us moms, but who talks about it? Who tells her daughter after childbirth you may feel a bit weird ; and when it happens, we feel like an ungrateful sinner…….hmmmmmm


I’m not a medical expert, lol, far from it. But I see there’s a lot our society won’t talk about, that we need to find out ourselves.
We need to dig deep, search for answers to any doubt and solve them all. And mist importantly- Speak Out!.
   On a lighter note, no one forces you to be great, it’s a personal decision spurred on by your unfailing determination.
     I may sound unusual today, unlike my usual write ups, just to tell someone You are never alone. What you feel is such a big deal, is just a small hurdle compared to the mountains another person had crossed.


   I’ve been there, I’ve seen a lot, if I can manage to be here today; I believe more in You! Never relent, never give up, just take it as if you fail, you are disappointing not only yourself, but a whole generation of people waiting for your dreams to be birthed. including Me!
    Let’s meet at the Top. The sky is wide enough for us all to soar. I Love you!

DGV Fashion &Crafts Academy
inside Walan Hotel premises (former Drovans hotel)
Ring Road Ibadan, Oyo state. Nigeria.
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One thought on “Ladies–Talk; Moms-Gists.

  1. Being a mom is a great thing or feeling… Knowing that you are living alone but sharing your life (practically your whole life) with a child. Full of challenges though especially if you are a single mom. *wink*

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