Its All About Skill Acquisition these Days. DGV FASHION ACADEMY

Why should I learn a skill?
Why should you not learn a skill?
What’s the point, I have a good job……..
Is it really necessary?

Maybe I have more than one reason to tell you. Or I’ll just say it’s one of the best choices I made.
Having a well paying job doesn’t stop you from picking up a side-Passion. In fact I think it’s a good idea to keep the mind busy when needed. Sometimes the pressures around can be overwhelming, soaking yourself in something you’re passionate about does the magic.
Moreso, the society and economy of today can be so unpredictable. …. enough reason to have a Back-Up.

I’ve met and trained people who came to understand the power of skill Acquisition after they had lost their jobs. And I’ve met those who understood the importance of skill even while they had a well paying and dignified job.
Its all in how you see it, but never underestimate the essence of having a side skill.

save up for the rainy days they say……..
Looking hard so far,  I have come to learn it all starts within. Until you’re self convinced, nothing happens.



Quite amazing,  these days you will see that the learned are the ones getting involved in skills, meaning the future is bright for anyone in this category, but the serious ones though.
Everyone starts but how many continues, talk less of ending well.
Never rush to learn, don’t rush to be on your own.  Take time to develop yourself well after any training you get.

Why do we still have so many people not satisfied with people they patronise,  because many rush to learn and never wait to develop themselves.
There’s no magic to the top, its a staircase you have to climb one step at a time.
I always tell our students, after learning, pick your comfort zone and develop it to the best level you can, this will surely sell more than being a ‘Jack of All’.

If you’re deciding to learn a skill this year, or you’re already learning, or you have learnt, consider specialisation.  Having a special field sells you faster and better.

It’s a fresh year, make decisions that will make this year count. By December what would you like to have achieved? Start Now! Procrastination is a thief of time, never put till tomorrow what you can start today.

At DGV FASHION ACADEMY,  we are not relenting. Everyone must make a mark in 2014. I will make a solid Mark, will you?

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