How far have you come?

Its almost the end of July again, hope you’ve achieved something? Something tangible? I mean. …
Tick tock…..tick tock….the clock ticks.. waiting for no chance, wasting no space. If you don’t get up and act, what you’re still procrastinating over may be someone else’s vision and mission accomplished tomorrow right in your eyes, on that seat of procrastination.


Too late is a concept  we can find difficult to get over, ideas are like rain drops, it falls on as many as are under it. But only those with receptive cans tap into it, and only those with fast feet get the results.
What are you waiting for?????
Get up! And MOVE!!!
Time lost……never regained. …
DGV Fashion and Craft Academy
Inside D’Rovans hotel premises(WALAN HOTEL)
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram – @Dgvstyles
BBM 7E3F8636
BB Channel C0042E074.
Admissions ON……..


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