You Want To Be Your Own Boss?

Everybody wants to be on top. Thats so sure. ….
We all like that feeling. …… hmmmmm…..
who doesn’t want to be the ‘Leader of The Pack’?
But how many of us are working and walking towards it?……
The fact that we like something doesn’t mean it will come to us on a platter of Gold…..


…. in some lines and courses, the truth needs to be known and told.
Until you learn and know how to serve, you can never be a leader.
Bosses say- do it, Leaders say – let’s do it. Who makes the most impact? LEADERS. …
Some of my our students even find it hard to understand why I do certain things. ….. but I always tell them “let me do it….you may not understand why, time will tell”…..

  Not everyone will like you, Yes. But remember if everyone likes you I doubt if you’re doing something worthwhile.


Why not wake to that clarion call today and swing into action.
Write that Story….. Write that script. … take that step…..but before you do….take a pause….. and think. ….will it count? Will the impact be rightly felt? Will I leave a good footprint?….Most importantly, will  it make me a better Person?


No one knows you more than yourself, no one knows and understands your passion like you…. So no one will make the first move if you don’t.
If its skill, learn it and learn well. If its a talent that needs to be brushed, search for the best place and polish it till its light is ‘blinding’.
And remember. ……. grow to be a Boss with the heart of a leader.
(That’s why we remain outstanding at DGV Fashion and Craft Academy)


DGV Fashion and Craft Academy is the best fashion school in Oyo State.
Kicked off in 2010 with 6 students, has trained about 400 till date.
Our facilities remain the best coupled with the best location that aids fast assimilation and good knowledge of the Skill.
To us Fashion designing is beyond sewing and cutting. …..We raise Leaders! Leading Entrepreneurs willing to rule their world.


For Inquiries call
Follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @Dgvstyles.
BBM 7E3F8636
BB Channel C0042E074.
Admissions ON. …….

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