Time To Speak….time to be mute…

Ok…. I just feel like writing, but no idea of what exactly to write, but as I type it will definitely flow I know…….or I hope…..
Okay, here comes my daughter,  very inquisitive, likes pulling everyone’s reins and well most times, deliberately.  God knows why; maybe for attention or to make a point only known to her.
Relating this to people around me, I think most adults do the same. Knowing what to do and how to do but still disturbing everyone for advice on how to.
Just like me, you also would have found yourself in that shoes, wondering why that person ever came to seek your advice when they knew they won’t yield to it… Well, always give your candid advice whenever you can and when unsure, keep mute diplomatically. Before they become Adam “the woman You gave me made me eat it”. They will push the blame on you if it turns out well, and when the other good way, they take all the glory.
Maybe we should all learn the Art of Speaking and Holding back; its a great tip for leaders.
I have  seen my students pushing blame on each other for mistakes they


themselves saw, I just laugh and think, ‘what were you also thinking’. But I just smile and correct the correctable. . Same with my kids. …
Its a new week here, I’ll try to use this tips even for myself too.  Speak when needful….. and always remember not everyone needs your advice even when they ask for it.
Have a fulfilling Week.

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