Your Career Toolbox- What’s Inside?

Professional Pilots will always tell you,  no matter how long they have been flying, they are required twice a year to spend a week retraining.
Should we be less concerned about keeping our skills up to date?
No matter how acquainted you are with your vision,  strategy and structure;  we all need to have that vision re energised on a regular basis.
  If all you have in Your Career Toolbox is  a Hammer, you tend to treat everything as a nail.
     A farmer can be hardworking and dedicated,  but he must be Skilled in handling right equipment. If he attempts harvesting corn with wheat harvesting tools, he is bound to fail.


   Success requires more than
dedication and  hard work, it takes Skill,  Timing and Right Tools.  Of course, prayer is absolutely essential,  but it takes more than prayer to grow your career.
  We say, there is a time to pray and a time to Act Accordingly and Responsibly. We Nigerians especially tend to get ‘all Spiritual’ when things go wobbly — Wait, Observe,  Check The Causes,  Pray, ACT ACCORDINGLY.


Have a Blessed week.
DGV. … 

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