Starting Off Your New Business

Every business owner face a little feeling of uncertainty and ‘how will it go’ feeling at that point of a fresh start up. Who says it’s easy to tread unknown grounds….. Mixed feelings, hope of breaking grounds;  fear of failure; fear of the unknown; joy of independence; all sorts of mixed emotions come to play here. Regardless of the business type, every business owner will  face certain challenges in this line. But when you eventually make that decision, there is no going back. How do you get this done and dusted?
First of all, remember there is no new thing under the sun. Whatever it is you are starting off, has been done by other people before now. It may not be a Mirror-Image,  but someone has walked that path before you. One of the best steps you can take is to take a cue from them. They have been there, they will have lessons to pass across.  In this part of the world, I have discovered some business owners do not like sharing their experiences, but as an entrepreneur, be smart enough to study without hearing words. People don’t always have to talk, things around them speak more than they say. If you look close enough, all the hints are there for you to learn from. Where they have been, How they started off, How they have kept their game up; and so much more. Endeavour to learn and benefit from their efforts.


Sometimes it is not about acquiring new customers/Clients, it is about developing and improving what you have. Good products or services speak aloud and reach far.
You have to work Smarter not Harder. A boss with an employee mindset is literally going nowhere.
For example, many of us work so much on developing Logos at the start of our businesses. But from another point of view, you better still start off with a very good brand name, and after constant relevance in your field, develop the logo that will match exactly what you want and what you represent. Important things First. 
  In that field you are,  before kickoff, take time to understudy those who have made it in that field outside your own country. Study how they go about it, how they have managed to maintain the relevance. Their lows, and highs. But, in the process of all this, be sure you are entering that business only because it is your line, your calling. Never ever start a business because you see ‘Someone’ succeeding in it. That’s just like starting off a failed project from the scratch.


   Sometimes, learn to invest in order to gain more.
One of the Fastest way to create ‘Winning Process’ is studying already successful businesses.

But remember,  never copy them word for word, or step by step; this is a factor common here with our people. They copy businesses clearly enough for everyone to see , oh its just like what A or X is also doing. Some even go to the extent of mentioning names of other businesses to refer to theirs, that’s walking another man’s lane. It gets you nowhere. Build your name and brand and stand for something exclusively unique to YOU.




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