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Surplice Dress, Halter Bodycon dress  and a cocktail dress (in the middle).
All designed by students. Designing a ready to wear label collection. The trend of sewing these days goes far beyond just sewing aso-ebi. You can work on launching your own label or supplying stores. As long your works are marketable, which largely depends on you!
Handkerchief hemline skirts by beginners class students. The 2nd one comes in different 4 layers to create a well layered detail. Can be marketed as fashion for kids or ladies.

  Patchwork comes in different forms. It can be used to create letters, words or images on your designs if you can master the art of Fabric Fusion well. An art that takes a lot of calculation and planning. This concepts is also transferred to our soft furnishings and interiors Class. Where bedsheets etc are made with a touch of difference.  

Above is a Kinguisse pleated skirt. All projects by start up class. In the 1st half of their first semester (1 semester = 12 weeks). 

Bags and clutch.   
Wallet suitable for souvenirs or party favors. Also by startup Class student. 

Leather Bags by 1st semester student. 

 Our shirt making Class comes up as a Masterclass for those who had been sewing before or as a 2nd semester course for existing students. There’s no shortcut to shirt making. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Make shirts that can stand on any shelf store, like our school rule/slogan. 

Be sure you can buy it off the rack if you see it too“. 

 Working Patterns and designs out. Every student is encouraged to be their best and work towards it every day. 

You can take over your world if you put so much effort into self development. 


   These rose details were made from fabric scraps anyone could have thrown away.

There is magic in every little scrap if you are creative enough to discover and maximize it all. Details says a lot.  

    Lectures are a thorough combination of both practicals and theory. Know what you are learning and every detail of it. It boosts your confidence to standing tall.  
 When Secondary School Students of Rochas Foundation College came over on excursion and to learn crafts that can support them in little ways. A tree is best pruned at early stage.  

Hoodie in progress. 

  IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE stands Tall in the state and beyond. We want to make your dream of building your fashion empire come true. It’s a total experience. You won’t want to stop learning. Every student calls it home away from home. You learn all the possible channels of making money in the fashion industry which spans beyond sewing of garments. Don’t put yourself in a box when you can expand and enlarge beyond where your mind  can reach. 

The Certified and Government Approved Fashion Technical College. Equally offers national qualifying examinations which is an additional backup to your CV or embassy documents in the instances of reaching for greener pastures either to study or earn a better living. 

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I Need To Start My Own Business 

The common line you’ve always heard, ‘I want to float my own business’; ‘I need to start my own business ‘; ‘I’m planning to be on my own’; and so on….. We hear the lines from someone we all know at a point in time. What baffles is, how many people really prepare for the business they are about to kick off, or desiring to start. To so many, the sight of someone prospering in one line is what makes them think they can do it better especially if they appear richer than the other party. Have you heard the phrase “millions can’t build vision when passion is missing”. 

Money won’t solve everything every time. If the capital is all you have to start with, the empire doesn’t look like it will last. It is sad enough that in the society we are in especially in this part of the world many businesses are crumbling, why? Because the foundation of that business had faults from the beginning.  

In the face of company downsizing and economic imbalances, before you make a plan B, think well and think deep. Weigh all options possible. It will be a nightmare if you resign to start something that won’t last or invest your savings and time in a business heading for the rocks. 

Do not rely your business kick off on the success story of another business owner. Remember, they’ve been in it for years , you will most likely hear the juicy part of their stories , they won’t tell you the struggle scenes or not all of it. Because they don’t want to sound discouraging, they encourage you to come on board as well and when you’re not prepared for the storms, you honestly can’t face it or survive it. 


Another reason for downfall is what is commonly seen now. People going into businesses without being trained for it. Money is way too precious to be toyed with. If you will have a reason to start a business, get enough idea to run it before the business or your workers run you. It’s not advisable to open a beauty parlor when you have no clue on how a roller setter is being used, or how cornrows are made. Money can get you good hands but money can’t retain them, someone somewhere will give them a better offer and steal those hands away before you realize it. If Fashion is your line, hiring good hands is good but be sure you have at least a little idea to pull you through the days your workers decide to “show their color ” in our naija term. 

We often advise those who consult to get enough idea at least to prove to your staff or workers or assistants that you know what you want and what you want to sell.  

The value you place on that business is what make you want to give it all it will take. It’s not about the millions you invest in it. Where passion is absent, millions become useless. Passion is that force that keeps driving you even when you feel like giving up. 

So before you start off, sit, think and plan well. Remember the cliche – Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail. 

Business lectures are constantly part of our classes at IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE. We believe in not just training but raising leaders and entrepreneurs. In the Nigeria of today, entrepreneurs are the market leaders. You can make a difference right where you are. Register for any of our classes. Regular and Special Classes. Masterclasses etc. 

we are government approved and a certified fashion technical college, first of its kind in Oyo state. Nigeria.  

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