2017 in view…. Am I Ready?

It’s about to be another night of rejoicing and shouts of “happy new year”. If you know well, you will know enough that next year won’t start on January 1st for the goal-getters. It starts now. The fuel gets into the car before the car moves. Except you are going nowhere. 

Often we all set new goals, resolutions, plans, visions, etc for a new year. And most of these fall and fail along the way. Why? Because they didn’t get fueled before kickstarted. 

Okay, 2017 is knocking. How far?

The prophecies will come as usual. And we will grab them as always, prophecies aren’t magics. Water won’t wet a plant hidden under concrete, no magic or miracle will make a mechanic a doctor, you study and learn and go through a PROCESS to become one. 

Do you still like where you are? If yes, then just let 2017 unfold as it will. If not, get up and start putting things in place Now! Until you get tired and determine to get a change out of it, it won’t happen. You want to change jobs? But you still love your workplace, maybe it’s not time to move then, you can still put a little more effort and make that place better. Many make the right moves at the wrong time. 

Don’t move because a colleague moved, move because it’s time for You to move. When you move at the wrong time, you crumble the bricks you’ve been laying. 

If you’re thinking of doing something new, check the motives. Are you venturing into it because you see someone succeeding in it? Which is a major reason for many people stepping into unknown boundaries these days. Thereby failing along the way. You don’t know how they moved, don’t follow them. They had their feet stuck in the mud, they failed, they fell, the problem is you are only seeing and hearing the juicy parts of their story. Walk your own walk – in my local pidgin “waka ya own waka, na im beta pass ” 

To make the year count, shock people. I love the idea of beating expectations. If you’ve been lazy at a particular thing, slave it out in yourself and shock yourself too. Struggling to shed weight, succeed in a career, keep a relationship, maintain friendships, it will be hard but consciously start a hard work working on those weaknesses. It often motivates us to do more, when we do the unexpected. If you normally get angry , try to disappoint people by smiling and walking off. You will see yourself gaining more respect and even more self esteem and self confidence. It may look like a small goal but it takes about the same effort and just a little more to take bigger steps too. 

All these, let me handle the skill part since it’s my line. If you are planning learning a skill in 2017, that year is not a year of running around a maze. If you really want to be success, FOCUS! If your line is fashion, decide on the aspect of fashion that you would want to major on. If it’s beauty, pick a lane. Why be a Jack of all when you can be a Master in one and make more than the Jacks are making. Outstanding entrepreneurs are the ones known for one particular thing. 

Greed often pushes some people into what they should leave alone. Nevertheless, look for your lane and walk it. Let your vision be focused. Don’t dabble in and out of whatever you see succeeding around you. Remember, as earlier said, you are only seeing the juicy part of their stories. 

If your friends or anyone around you , are not helping your visions, drop them “like its hot “.Do away with people drowning your dreams. Friendships are not compulsory. You can’t please everybody or make everyone happy, (you’re not Nigerian party jollof rice – even that one doesn’t go round at all parties) you are not tied to their happiness or pleasure. Detox your friends list, you’ve been patching up with them, how many of them are actually patching up with you. Many of us hurt ourselves because we don’t want others hurt. What has that brought you but pain and heartbreaks. Let ’em Go. You don’t have to disconnect totally if it’s difficult, you may create a distance. And let them watch you from afar. 

I am ready to take 2017! You? It starts now. Get off that couch. Drop the phone except what you’re doing is adding to your vision and future. Eliminate all time wasting activities. If it doesn’t add to you, it is killing you. 

Take all the chances. If you fail on any, give it a shoot again. Every promotion comes with a test or an examination. The tests may be brief, but examination is thorough as it requires deep checking if you’re really fit for the next level. So when the tides come, the intensity tells you what’s about to unfold. Scale through and come out succeeding. 

Next year will be great if you start fueling the car before the trip starts. 

Cheers to another great year. 

Principal Instructor 

Ibadancity Fashion College. Ring Road ibadan. 

08081067070 (234)

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