Get Set…..Go…

Happy New year everyone. Thankful for last year and all it had to offer. Here is 2017. With all it has to offer. It looks like a year loaded for those who will wake early to stroke the iron while hot. 

We’re back and the race kicked off from Day one. This week came full of new projects and new introductions. No time to waste time. 

“Blingshiki”- and different adaptations of the traditional Dashiki. Students had a trial at different interpretations of the Yoruba Traditional attire. Which is becoming a Style trend still in vogue. The more you can play with fashion, the more it gives you. 

Pencilled Skirt or formal fitted skirt is a regular wear. Also adapted and re – styled with bias trims inserts. By the Kick off class students. 

And the Grand entrance “WRAPPAZO”  came and wrapped the week up. Styled differently. 

We’re still on the starter menu, looking forward to a very productive year.

Ibadancity Fashion College leads the way. The leading fashion school in Oyo State. We step the game up always.

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