Negatives HelpĀ 

The wave of rising inspirational and motivational speakers , books, etc have tuned our minds to Positive, positive vibes, positive thoughts, positives only. Such that when a negative situation arises, your first instinct is to deny it. Speak affirmative words they say, don’t let your situation dictate who you are. 

Most of us rush our way out of the negative side of the field of life. Wiggle to the positive confessions, sometimes denying reality and facts staring us in the face. Hindering many from seeing the points to be taken from the negatives. In the days of  analogue cameras and Polaroid cameras, you can not get the picture until the negative is developed and goes through the process. 

I can’t fail, I am a winner, I am strong, I am rich …….

Have you for once paused , to think , what if there is a reason for this. And a lesson to be learnt. You will keep falling into the same problem because you haven’t learnt the lesson. Until you learn and pass the exam, you will keep failing. 

If everyone surrounding you only have the good words to say, chances are they are deceiving you.  We all need some negatives to propel us forward many times. A friend that shelters you is helping, but the hater that throws you into the rain is making you think of how to get yourself out from it and be better not bitter. 

The view you have of the negative situations is what says how your results will come. 

Most successful people today have solved negative problems, and that has made their business and products or services outstanding. If the negatives were not there, their ideas are nothing. 

See Good in Bad and Ugly. Negatives help. They teach you a lot more if only you look deeper.

It’s called Skill Acquisition because you have to acquire it, work for it and earn it not just get it. It’s not a one off. It takes time to build. And the bigger the proposed building the higher the preparation and work that goes into it. Don’t build your skyscraper on the foundation of a bungalow. You want an empire? Work for it. Work on it. Keep working at it.