Discovering the Roots : Fashion meets Culture- Ibadancity Fashion College 

The root of fashion can be found in the depths of our culture. Likewise, if you want to know more about our culture, search the fashion history. The 2 factors are intertwined and interwoven. 

On Friday 8th September, the Sterling Class Fashion Students set out on an interesting journey of knowing more about the relationship between the study of fashion and our tradition/ culture.  It was an interesting time out. Lots of lessens learnt. History played out in a fascinating way, and every move was full of more and more and more. 

Let’s let you into the world of our beautiful city Ibadan. The famous brown roof city. Known for a whole lot from way back in history. His city boasts of a lot of great achievements. People may not have an idea of how beautiful this city is, but this City is very beautiful. We are proud of Ibadan, we are here, making it happen.  

 The magic and fun was endless. We work hard and it was time to play hard too. 

Everyone had some sweet memories to take back home. 


Watch out for our next #culturetrip Stop. Exploring the city is going to be fun. Also watch out for our historical costumes coming up from the lessons of history learnt on this trip. 

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Ibadancity Fashion College 

4,Ajia street. Behind IBEDC office. Capital building ring road Ibadan. Follow the tarred road directly opposite chicken republic ring road. 




Scroll for more pics ……..

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