Merry Christmas from Ibadancity Fashion College

The season is upon us. The holidays are here. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. 

As we spend the remaining few days in 2017 preparing for 2018. Set the goals right. Don’t base your planning on unrealistic measures. 

You want to learn a new language, a skill, a hobby or you desire to do whatever it is. Start by taking the first few steps. If you start your vision by looking for how people will help you, they may turn you down. 

Before you ask for any kind of assistance, do your part first. 

The steps you start taking now will make it faster. You’re still waiting till everything is right? Wait no more! !!

If part of your goal is to bag a skill in 2018, while you wait for job, to ‘check out’ etc. Think deeply and right. 

And if any fashion related field is your choice, think -, ibadancityfashioncollege

Ibadancity Fashion College is where you would want to be . Courses designed to suit your preferences. 

Each student is groomed individually. We ensure the best is brought out in all our students. With a standing reputation as the leading fashion school in Oyo State for over 7 years, we get better each day.

Fashion is getting more relevant,  but how you make it in the fashion industry largely depends on the kind of orientation you are groomed with from the scratch. 

Ibadancity Fashion College is in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. 

Ring road ibadan. Behind IBEDC office ( capital building ) ring road.  Follow the tarred road directly opposite Chicken Republic ring road. 

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