Sewing is fun. Yes we that Sew, know. But, once in some times, little things can make you cranky while working on your projects.

Today, we have some saving tips for you. You need them and surely, they will help you a whole lot. Don’t just read alone, share with a friend that sews too.

Many a times, the thread just refuses to cooperate with you when you want to fix it, due to different conditions. You’re not alone. There’s a very simple hack to make this stop.

Your Hairspray! That spray is enough to help you stiffen the thread, and that makes the threading perfectly easier. ✅. Check that. And don’t forget.

•• Sewing gathers made easier. This will only work if you have or use a zigzag sewing machine. Get a knitting thread/wool. Place in the middle and run your loose zigzag stitches over it. Then pull the wool. There you have your easy and well laid gather. And every time you pull your gathers to the needed inches, always remember to run your regular firm stich over the line to make it stay and well laid. ✅

••• The Bar Soap and pins Magic.

If you have heard of emery bag in your sewing classes. It’s that bag that contains special dust to keep your pins sharp. There are times you would want to push the pins through some fabric layers and they just won’t go. If you can’t access the emery bag. Your soap could do the magic. You will be surprised!

That’s a license to no more bent and rusted full pins. ✅

To get sharp pointed edges. Trim twice. Trim the excess that creators bulk inside off.

We’ll pause here today and pick next time.

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Plan On Sundays….

A new week starts on Sundays. No other time to ‘plan perfect’, than to sit and look at what you intend to achieve that week on its first day.

Do you take each day as it comes? Or you plan how you want it to be? Either you live by ‘faith’ or by the day as it unveils. Everyone needs to plan well.

Take a few seconds today to look at what you would want to get done this week and list them out. Listing helps. It gives you something to work with and work towards. The joy of you ticking your goals and simple tasks achieved, serves as some form of booster.

Don’t let the days pass by this year like it’s always been doing, you need to work hard and put in more effort to have the life of your dreams.

When planning the week, don’t get too serious. Many of us include only the serious tasks like working, gym, completing chores etc. this list gets too serious and makes you a ‘serious’ person. Be flexible and creative. Include things that will make you love the day more.

these goals sound funny and silly, but they relax your nerves, and when you are relaxed, the best in you comes out more.

plan meals, plan new outfit combination, work on things differently.

It’s always good to make this list and be realistic with it. If you write more than you can achieve, it will end up discouraging you more.

choose a day of the week that you spend relaxing. Do something spontaneous.

Having a productive week seems easy to work towards. But , be willing to always break your rigid schedule. It always adds more flavor to what you do.

Have a sweet “out of the regular box” week.

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