It’s a trend and a rising 🌊 wave; everyone knows someone who has left the country in recent times, or the entire family that has relocated. We hear it’s a comeback trend that happened in the 80s, and when the circumstances came to replay itself, Andrews are checking out. We all need better lives, comfort and all good things. If that’s in your plan too, all good. But, before you do, take something along…….

For some reasons, Skill is a prerequisite for some applications. Have you thought about it? If they are looking for some skilled people, and you’re not planning to bag a skill certificate before leaving, what chances are you opening up for yourself.

It won’t be safe enough to get there and wish you had learnt a skill before leaving, medicine after death. It’s still what many people who relocated are saying. You have the chance now, why not tap it.

It’s a good and safe backup plan, which you can couple with other things to make ends meet and get yourself rooted in your new territory.

Skills are many, you would need to examine yourself and think of the one you know you will love doing. After that, look for the best place to learn it, that will give you the leverage there. We make it a duty point at Ibadancity Fashion College to tailor the classes of relocating students to exactly what they need. If you want to see outside Nigeria, you don’t need all areas of sewing. You need what will sell there.

After choosing where to learn, if time permits you, take certification exams to give you a better standing in case you get a related job. For example we offer national and international certification courses to help you. (NABTEB, CITY & GUILDS …. )

Try to specialize. Take a course you can handle and spend the time you have to learn specializing on it.

Don’t move without plans. Don’t move based on hopes alone. Especially if you’re moving as a family, one parent or a child above 15 can take this option. You will definitely be glad you did.





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Oftentimes, I’ve found myself as a teacher being asked questions about starting up the business on a low scale. Personally, I started my business from home. And it was a great experience. I see it as an opportunity many can make good use of. It helps in giving you enough time to save up, build your brand and gain client, most importantly; gain the good, the bad, the ugly, the sweet experiences; and get you well prepared for the real world of business out there.

You being in the fashion business world is already an advantage. Remember, everyone wants to cover up, and look good especially. It tells you, you have a business meeting readymade needs by nature. Food and clothing are part of the major things no one can do without.

Having it in mind that the business you’re about to go into is almost a “Sure” venture. Gives a good prospect. You can bet on it.

You’ve always heard it – Dream BIG!

And now, as a startup, you have also decided to Dream Very Big. This is absolutely cool. 👍. But wait a minute, what about crawling before walking, walking before running……

There is a Process. Whether you choose to see it or not accept it. Don’t go ahead of yourself in the process of dreaming Big.

Your dream of becoming famous should be set aside, invest all the strength you have at the start into setting off your business line on a solid start.

Get all the knowledge you can. Be well equipped before the startup. There is a lot to understand before kicking off, that is why when you choose to learn, choose a school or a college that will teach you “All-Round”. It’s not enough to know how to sew, you need to know a lot of things. – Latest Trends, styles, body types and how to style each body type, colors, balance, shapes, the details of production, marketing, customer relations, and a whole lot more……

There is a lot to learn before you even start the business, if you want to be ahead of your game. Asides the one you will learn as you go.

To Create The Clothing Line Of Your Dreams

Have it in mind that the field is full out there. Everyone is making something, this is where the part of RESEARCH comes in. Understand the competion going on and how you can enter the market and get your feet standing. Your works must be powerful enough to gain the attention, retain the attention and get your more clients.

It will be good to choose a market to start with. You could choose children, women, men, plus size, maternity, etc…… But whichever one you choose, research to know what their market lacks. And start somewhere.

Ask to know what they need. – feedback helps, let them tell you what they feel about your work and ask for what they want. This will help you discover areas you can take advantage of.

Think up ways to maximize your limited capital. – you want to start small, it won’t be good if you put the money into what’s not worth it. Buy what you need, not what you feel is important.

More tips coming soon…… share this with a friend or anyone that needs this.




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