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Last weekend was a jolly one for us. As we had the honor and pleasure of showcasing our works all the way in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

The event, organized by Cancel Cancer Africa. Was aimed at raising funds in creating awareness on cancer spread in Africa, in order to help our country people get more light and education on cancer.

Being a part of this show this year is medal we will cherish.

Our students at Ibadancity Fashion College had the great privilege of showcasing their designs on the International runway.

Raising global fashionpreneurs is our watchword. And we’re keeping up the game daily.

Being a part of a great cause in a fashionable way…. and we’re set to go all the way in supporting this cause even as we reach more communities and raise funds with our skills.

Be a part too and together , we can.

Remember, early detection saves lives. The more people know they can get help, the better the chances of survival and overcoming it. We support Cancel Cancer Africa.






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NETWORKING. How do I even start? #diaryofafashionstudent

Tessy is almost done with her studies. The rigorous months of training hasn’t been easy in any way. Coupled with the fact that she had to juggle lots of things to make it work. Her relationship that need to be nurtured, because Kola thinks the new fashion-job love is taking over his place in her heart. Bet it, explaining this to Kola doesn’t come easy. “It’s 2 extreme ends” in Tessy’s words. But She keeps believing maybe one day Kola will see it in the same light. Till then she keeps pushing it all together.

Monday is here and as a student of the leading fashion school in town (IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE), you sure don’t want to miss the Monday class. If for nothing, the gists “AUNTY” the principal instructor, perks it up with, is enough to melt the load off for few hours.

Network Network Network….. that’s the only word ringing after the day’s lecture. During lectures, it sounds good and easy. But after, here she is thinking up practical ways to achieve it.

How do I start, and use this tool to grow my budding fashion business? Trying to recap few of the hints dropped during lectures

•Go Out, Hang Out, Learn something New•

That line struck……

So, how do I cope with hanging out with this workload. School work, my new intending customers are there, mom and dad thinks I’m too engrossed to see what’s going on around me, my friends thinks I’m a snub lately, and Kola…… Kola…… Tessy’s thoughts went up and midway around her.

Networking is not what you can toy with especially in this industry and even almost every area of life. We all need someone. And the link or the connecting line is just few steps away. Sometimes all you need is one client. Just one. But they won’t come if you stay in one place.

Meet ups and hangouts are where you meet new faces, new connections, get more people to know about what you do. Little by little, your word is going out there to the wide side.

It’s alright to be an introvert, but find a means of “mixing”. Something suits your personality. There is an event , a gathering you will like. Find it. And start connecting.

Use your Social Media handles properly. – Yes we want to see what you woke up looking like, but at the same time, use the opportunity you have there to show the world what you have and what you do. Don’t hide your skills, don’t cage your gifts. It’s okay to show them off! Someone is making some cool cash from it, start making yours too.

Social media has made the world a global village, who knows who might spot you and reach out. Your network is gradually building.

You are a Walking Billboard.

If you want to sell a product or an idea, there is a likelihood your prospective client might judge what you’re marketing by how you look and how you speak. Look like what you want to sell. Don’t look $10 and tell them your products or services starts from $500

“Aunty calls it -Packaging “, says Tessy smiling to herself as she picks her backpack closing for the day, thinking up how to storm the fashion industry and make sure the sacrifices is worth it when the results starts showing.

As much as I can, I will keep trying to push all these together , one day at a time. I must make myself and everyone else proud says Tessy as she signs out of the college for the day.

“See you tomorrow ” she blows her kisses to her school pals.




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