Not everyone has the luxury of sufficient time to allow them settle in for certain skill acquisition programmes. And you have it on your mind to tick this as part of your goals for this year? How can this happen?

We have Specially Designed Programmes built to suit someone like you. it works perfectly with your time and schedule.

And we are just a dial away. Reach us today on +234-808-106-7070 or on whatssap +234-902-426-7637.

Available Courses for this type of programme includes –

  1. MEASUREMENT CLASSES – this is a 1 week short course for those planning to go into fashion business as just business owners. you learn the art of unisex measurement which is the core of tailoring. Anyone can sew for you if you can measure perfectly. Not all tailors you will hire will understand the art of accurate measurement, neither will they be able to go out with you to measure your clients. You may not want to expose your clients to your workers too (another tip for you) if you can get this correctly, working with tailors will be easier both for you and your tailors. This class handles measurement and guides to generating sizes for your ready to wear line. course fee – #20,000
  2. BUSINESS OF FASHION/ BUSINESS 101 – is a 2 – 4 weeks entrepreneurship class formulated for existing and aspiring fashionpreneurs and entrepreneurs in othe fields. Courses covered are Entrepreneurship based: business development, Business Tools, Costing, Business Plan and Pitching, Time Management and business growth and a whole lot more. This class gives you access to the CBN (CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA) AGSMEIS no collateral loan for entrepreneurs which is up to 10 million naira with 7 years repayment plan at 5% interest rate. COURSE FEE #30,000/#40,000.

We have more course to suit your request. just reach us today.




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