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About Us

Our Mission

The fashion college is set out to support and tutor rising entrepreneurs who have goals and visions of making a living in fashion and related fields. Our aim is to teach, coach and empower these individuals till they find their feet well placed in the fast paced industry. We target giving our students the training needed to stand out wherever they Get to find themselves locally or internationally, being fully equipped to thrive confidently. We provide them with both theoretical and hands on trainings and entrepreneurial coaching needed to give them a soft landing in the fashion industry, on which they can build their businesses on. Our aim is to see anyone,young or old, desiring to
carve a niche for themselves in the fashion field either globally, or within their community or for personal reasons, go through their learning experience with smooth and well detailed training experience.

Special Event Production

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Fashion Shows

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Fashion Stylists

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Brand Ambassadors

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Our Vision

We foresee a society where the inputs of young entrepreneurs will be valued as a tangible contributing part of the national economic growth. We desire to see a society where skill acquisition, vocational education and entrepreneurial development programmes , are seen in the real light and valued as part of the foundation building strategies employed and integrated into our educational system. With a vision and goal to empower people, gender and age irrespective, we are committed to seeing everyone that passes through our institution become leaders in the field they find themselves. Raising Entrepreneurs…… Raising Leaders.