When you start a business, the main goal is to grow it to some level you have dreamt of or according to your business plan. Now, growing this business is easier to imagine than achieved especially as a small business owner.

Different situations and circumstances will give you hiccups on the path to growing the business. Today i will be sharing with you 4 tips that will help if you use them well.

I have used this tip for years in my businesses and I can say, they are indeed magically helpful if you are truthful to yourself in analysing them alongside your business goals and plans.

We will be using the same word GROW to break down the steps .





Let’s break this down.

GOAL- ask yourself this question- What Do You Want To Do?

It sounds simple, but have you realised that when you ask people what they want, a high percentage of them reply with what they do not want. The natural mind is tuned somehow.

We know what you don’t want. You don’t want to fail, you don’t want the business to be slow, you don’t want customers who don’t pay but the main question is – What do you want specifically?

You want the business to grow? How big? What are the numbers you want to be recording? It is so easy to dream it, put it down in facts and figures. Don’t carry imaginary dreams in your head. Analysing them in details gives you clarity.

2. REALITY- This point is so KEY in the present day economy. What you want vs reality. What is happening now vs what you want. You will need to find a balance point with this.

Apart from economic factors, other surrounding factors apply.

What is happening in your business environment? Study and analyse to make your business growth easier.

I have had reasons to drop prices when I needed more money to break even in My business.

– dgvstyles

You need money but the economy is tight and sales are slow. To move sales up, you might want to drop some prices to attract more customers at the end of the day you will make sales and have some break even points.

Another part of reality is to sell what they need and want to buy not just what you want to sell.

3. OPTIONS – ask yourself- What can I do? What are the available options? There is no hard fast rule for success. Different routes lead to your destination.

Have options. Plan A ,B ,C and D. If this blocks, I will take another route and keep moving.

Lack of options is what causes stagnation when you experience the first roadblock in business. And really there are lots of roadblocks on the way.

4. WILL. – What will you do? What can you do?

If I will be fair I sharing a secret with you, this question has helped me a lot in my career growth. I ask myself before a problem happens- “What if this and this happens, what will I do?.”

In all sincerity, it has helped me prepare for some bad situations, of course the unexpected will always pop its head but you always having an idea of what to do , will help you cushion a lot of things.

If you can take few minutes today, analyse these 4 points and you will see how you can plan your business differently.

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Aderonke Olubanjo is the Principal Instructor of the leading fashion college in Oyo State. The college has trained thousands of students in the fashion and Entrepreneurship Development sectors over 2 decades.

How to style up for harmattan in Nigeria

Hows the weather in your area? If you’re not a Nigerian, you cannot appreciate harmattan. I mean, that’s about the coldest season we have when some are enjoying winter chills.

During this season, the weather is dry and a bit cold in the early and late hours. The afternoon sun is however not kidding cos it gets so hot.

You see why I said you can’t deal with this if you’re not Nigerian. Yet we enjoy the combo weather so much that we want long sleep during this season.

Back to our style talk, how do you dress up and make the best of this once in a year brief season.

If you’re like me, it’s the time to dig up those layered clothes and rock them.

A perfect season for kimonos.

Why Kimonos? Because they are your best friend when the weather does a bipolar switch by noon. Just pull off your overall and enjoy in your summer top and pants πŸ‘– or slacks. Leggings are great choices, get the rooms that won’t show off your inner wears especially if you’re going to workplace.

What can you wear under your kimonos long and short?

1. Shorts and tops

2. Leggings and tops

3. Midi dresses

4. Short dresses

5. Long dresses

The list goes on. Just style up and look amazing for yourself.

Don’t forget to use some cool fragrances, smell good hmmmmmmm.

You can buzz me to order from my beautiful kimono collections, you will definitely want to order more for you and your friends.

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We are not all in the sewing business for money. Right? Some of us are here only to learn how to make clothes for ourselves, our family and make the necessary amendments when needed without having to go look for a tailor.

If you’re in a country where getting tailor isn’t as easy as it is in other countries, most especially developed countries. You don’t like the idea of booking appointments, or the nature of your work doesn’t give the time, how can you blend this in?

Knowing how to take your measurements by yourself saves you a lot of stress.

Either when sewing or when you have to send your measurements to your tailors or choosing clothes online / in a store.

This video is as simple as ABC.

The guide is easy and you will see its really not a big deal getting a hang of it.

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You’ve often heard the phrase ” he / she looks put together “. It’s comes up when you see someone looking all “set”. Nothing missing , nothing broken so to say kinda look. A look that matches the time it’s being used. In case you don’t know , there are many ways you can look out of place, over or under dressed for an outing.

Create an impression when you enter a place. When you appear put together, you ooze self confidence. You intimidate your fear. Something about you is walking head held high.


  1. KEEP YOUR NAILS WELL GROOMED. – especially ladies, there is something catchy about well manicured nails and pretty nail polish. I’ve noticed people notice. I’ve at many times got compliments on it. And that tells me, people are watching every part of you. It tells them more about your personality.
  2. YOUR LIPS – avoid keeping chapped lips. Your lipstick or lib gloss is an accessory too. They have a way of brightening your appearance and balancing your look.
  3. YOUR BROWS FRAME YOUR FACE. some horrible looking eyelashes can cause wrong eye movements when you are talking to someone. Some brows look like they’ve been drawn with ruler.
  4. YOUR HAIR MATTERS- you just can’t afford having bad hair days all the time. Get your hair done well.
  5. SUNGLASSES- you can’t achieve that look of being put together if you keep squinting. If need be due to weather etc, use sunglasses. Squinting makes you look funny. Look chic, especially when it’s an outdoor event. Sunglasses gives you that look.
  6. HOW YOUR CLOTHES FIT. – the fit of your clothes make or mar you. Dress to suit your body shape. Don’t be too body conscious, wear what makes you look and feel good. And appear smart.
  7. HOW YOU SPEAK – your words should be well seasoned. It says a lot when it comes to first impressions. Select your words carefully. Try to leave an impression of an intelligent and beautiful person.
  • Wherever you get to, everyone draws their impression based on how you make them to. And this conclusion is drawn in the first few minutes they meet you. Not all judgements are perfect , but when you step out. Let everything about you speak even before you utter a word. And when you speak, may your words match the impression you are trying to pull. So help you God.

    Principal Instructor- IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE.



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    Its common to spot fabrics, recognize the designs, but it is equally important to know the names. Especially these days of social media posts, knowing what you do well helps you post like a Pro.

    Today we will be discussing Check fabrics, and their names.


    The patterns look like the panes in. Window. Its formed by 2 perpendicular pin stripes.


    – also called Vichy, it has solid color squares made by overlapping stripes, both has same width.


    Very small even sized check of same color on a plain background.

    4. PIN CHECK

    Known for its intersecting pin size stripes


    Small checks formed by stripes






    11. GLEN CHECK

    12. ARGYLE

    Know the names and refer to it when posting your pictures or keep it as a reference tool.

    Knowledge shows you are professional. Dont ever go on without knowing what your profession entails.




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    For every closure in your garment there is an opening. Ironically, the same principle applies to life. But today we are focusing on sewing.

    How many types of closure and openings can you handle. At least, these few ones here, you should be able to handle them as a fashion student or fashion designer.

    What Are Openings And Closures?

    Openings and closures are the spaces you leave on garments made to allow for wearing and removing. These openings are closes in different ways as you choose or as suits your design.

    Let’s examine a few-

    FACING – easy to handle and one of the basic opening techniques you learn and master as a fashion designer. It is sewn by cutting fabric of same shape around the neckline but shorter than the garment. It’s few inches long, and flipped inside or outside the garment as the design calls for.

    This is made by a slit and sewing on fabric cuts to make the placket. Same or contrasting fabrics can be used to achieve this.

    Hemmed openings is about the simplest, but one needs to be extra careful to avoid stretching the curves thereby giving excess. The fabric is folded in twice and sewn. As much as it appears simple, it can go wrong if care is not taken. This type is best used when working with sheer fabrics, delicate fabrics etc.

    FALSE PLACKET- as the name suggests, it’s just a placement for fashion sake. It’s not exactly an opening, but sewn on the garment to give an appearance of one.

    BIAS BOUND- using BIAS cut fabrics or bias tape / ribbons to finish the garment opening. It can be done inwards or outward. When sewing this, avoid stretching the bias fabric/ tape and the fabric. Stretching either of this will equally alter the size of the opening originally planned. And may cause gaping.

    FLY OPENING -for zipper closures. It’s a layover kind of opening. Used mostly on trousers but not for trousers only, can be used in skirts, blouses, dresses, etc.

    This openings are on the seam lines. Side, back, shoulder etc. Any type of zipper can be used. But the use of invisible zippers is common with this type of opening in menswear lately.

    OVERLAPPED OPENINGS as seen in wraps or surplice designs, jackets, tops, and more. This can be used in a way it works with the design you are working on.

    BACK OPENINGS- who doesn’t know a back opening? No one. Simply and can be used among side facing, bias bound, false placket, zippers on and on. When making garments won’t high front neckline and you want to avoid zippers, back opening can be used and closed with fasteners of your choice. – hook and eye, snaps, etc.

    GATHERED/ DRAWSTRING – commonly seen in off shoulder maxi tops and dresses, or any other kind of garment. Here little excess are drawn together to make the opening firm. Also used in finishing skirts, trousers etc.

    The art of sewing is a constant lesson. Don’t stop learning.


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    GETTING MY FIRST CLIENTS – Family & Friends

    We all know building business is not as easy as it sounds or projected. By the time you dive in, you see a lot of hidden realities you haven’t faced before starting. And this is common to all businesses. So, you’re not alone.

    The fear of a lot of new business start-ups is getting the first clients. How do I get my product or service known, how do I get more people on board?, how do I get my first major break ?, and so on….

    And let’s face the truth here, it’s really not so easy to push one’s business, NOT because you’re an introvert,extroverts have the same issues too. It’s just a normal fear of “will I be accepted?

    Today, I will be sharing few tips on how-to get the first clients, they are the foundations you need and later build on

    1● Tell family and friends in a way that reflects your seriousness and professionalism. I’ve often heard people saying family and friends don’t make good customers. In other words, they can be the best constant client and your best referral people. It is how you tell them that determines how they see you, and believe you. You say it jokingly, the term it as a joke or just a side passion you want to pursue.

    Imagine you just saying it casually and expecting them to patronize you? Did you give them your business card? Did you send them the social media handles of the new business? For them to share too?

    A personal message to them would sound very official and make you look serious. Let them know why you’re going into the new business. How much it means to you.

    You actually need to ask them to share your message. They may not be able to afford you, but they may have your clients around them. They will refer.

    And remember to thank them for the little helps. It will make them do more.

    To be continued…….


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    How To Dress To Look Slimmer In Your Outfits? …….

    Some of us envy the hourglass ladies who have all the shape going good. But, as a matter of fact nothing stops anyone from “slaying”. Of course, with your self confidence intact, you’re always good to go.

    Being in the shoes of what to wear to bring the shape out, and having the task of advising and helping clients with how to look smart and sharp. Let’s share some tips with ourselves today.

    Age, pregnancy, childbirth, genes, body type, and many more factors contribute to our changing body shapes. But to keep your confidence level up, don’t fall for it. It’s your duty to make sure you look your best and always walk head held high.

    All of us can’t be size 6 or size 0, nature has blessed some of us and we should love ourselves the way we are

    it’s good to live healthy and shed the excess body weights. Exercise and keep a good health record. But don’t go overboard killing yourself in order to be skinny. Don’t go starving, if you starve to lose weight, the weight will come back. – just a personal side opinion.

    So, whether your plus or minus size, hourglass, six or sixty pack, these tips will always come in handy. πŸ˜‰

    1. Always buy, make and wear your correct size.

    As a fashion designer I am seeing that in this part of the world, many people don’t know the size they wear. Get to know your size, ask your designer or consult a good one to get your body statistics and tell you your size in different countries options. ( You can consult me if you don’t mind. That’s my job ✌🏻)

    Wearing clothes that are too big or too small won’t make you smart. Big clothes make you look bigger and tight clothes will only draw unnecessary attention to areas you would have loved to hide.

    2. Opt for waist defining clothes once in a while.

    Snatch That Waist!

    To appear thinner, cinch in the waist. It surely gives you a smaller waistline. Use belts to cinch, or your Shapewear. Your Shapewear is something you should have for the days you will need them. You don’t have to be an everyday user, just get one or 2 for the needed days. And always wear the right undergarments. Sometimes your underwears are more important than the outerwear. They give shape to your body.

    3. Stilettos May be your friend on the skinny jeans days. They give you that butt lift πŸ˜‰ and an elegant look longer legs look.

    4. The One Color Wonder. Monochrome Magic. There are days for colors and days for just one color for a simpler all in one look. This look just keeps you simple and classy , leaving all things in proportion.

    5. Vertical Stripes – we all know the power of stripes and when well arranged, can give that optical illusion that can transform your total look. It makes you look taller and slimmer. You can play around it in different areas for better shape.

    6. Boot Cuts can save the day too – boot cut pants πŸ‘– draw attention away from your waistline and gives you a slimmer longer legs look too.

    7. V – Necklines – makes you appear slimmer. Try it. It naturally makes your upper body longer. And for those with full upper body, it gives you a slimmed down look. But remember to invest in good push up bras. Looking saggy is a No No.

    So Go Girl and use one or all the tips, give yourself a “dressing lift “, at least it’s cheaper than a face lift or butt lift πŸ˜‰. Lift yourself in your affordable way and go win ’em goals!

    Dgvstyles- is a unisex fashion house In Ibadan.

    The CEO is the Principal Instructor of IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE – a Leading fashion School In Oyo State. Nigeria.


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