When you start a business, the main goal is to grow it to some level you have dreamt of or according to your business plan. Now, growing this business is easier to imagine than achieved especially as a small business owner.

Different situations and circumstances will give you hiccups on the path to growing the business. Today i will be sharing with you 4 tips that will help if you use them well.

I have used this tip for years in my businesses and I can say, they are indeed magically helpful if you are truthful to yourself in analysing them alongside your business goals and plans.

We will be using the same word GROW to break down the steps .





Let’s break this down.

GOAL- ask yourself this question- What Do You Want To Do?

It sounds simple, but have you realised that when you ask people what they want, a high percentage of them reply with what they do not want. The natural mind is tuned somehow.

We know what you don’t want. You don’t want to fail, you don’t want the business to be slow, you don’t want customers who don’t pay but the main question is – What do you want specifically?

You want the business to grow? How big? What are the numbers you want to be recording? It is so easy to dream it, put it down in facts and figures. Don’t carry imaginary dreams in your head. Analysing them in details gives you clarity.

2. REALITY- This point is so KEY in the present day economy. What you want vs reality. What is happening now vs what you want. You will need to find a balance point with this.

Apart from economic factors, other surrounding factors apply.

What is happening in your business environment? Study and analyse to make your business growth easier.

I have had reasons to drop prices when I needed more money to break even in My business.

– dgvstyles

You need money but the economy is tight and sales are slow. To move sales up, you might want to drop some prices to attract more customers at the end of the day you will make sales and have some break even points.

Another part of reality is to sell what they need and want to buy not just what you want to sell.

3. OPTIONS – ask yourself- What can I do? What are the available options? There is no hard fast rule for success. Different routes lead to your destination.

Have options. Plan A ,B ,C and D. If this blocks, I will take another route and keep moving.

Lack of options is what causes stagnation when you experience the first roadblock in business. And really there are lots of roadblocks on the way.

4. WILL. – What will you do? What can you do?

If I will be fair I sharing a secret with you, this question has helped me a lot in my career growth. I ask myself before a problem happens- “What if this and this happens, what will I do?.”

In all sincerity, it has helped me prepare for some bad situations, of course the unexpected will always pop its head but you always having an idea of what to do , will help you cushion a lot of things.

If you can take few minutes today, analyse these 4 points and you will see how you can plan your business differently.

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Aderonke Olubanjo is the Principal Instructor of the leading fashion college in Oyo State. The college has trained thousands of students in the fashion and Entrepreneurship Development sectors over 2 decades.

How to Say No To Free Jobs as a Business owner

You will encounter people who ask fro free jobs in the name of publicity and promotions, no doubt. But, the question is – is it okay to keep accepting and giving in to it?

In my early years of starting my fashion business, I met a lot, I mean a whole lot of these people and I will share my personal take on this with you. Take the part that works for you and leave out the ones you don’t want .

There are influencers and celebrities, they do a lot in helping your business grow. As a new business owner, enter this kind of engagement with caution. Except you have a lot of financial reserve and can afford running the business for a while without expecting detailed profit.

Free Jobs mean zero profit, don’t forget. Free Jobs can help you but not at the detriment of the main goal of the business.

Don’t use too many of them in the name of getting famous. You are not the only one they are asking for the same privileges.

The part that baffles me is, the same people wear and flaunt ,they even advertise for foreign brand names all in the name of “I Belong and I wear luxury” – these brands don’t pay them but they’re happy to do free advert why?

These brands took time to grow their products, their brands and they became a name everyone wants to reckon with.

Have you done the same for your business for just 12 months?

What new thing have you added to your business in the past 6 months?

What improvements are you looking at in the next 3 months?

If you don’t have a good product everyone wants to have, the fame will only make your name ring in their ears, give you likes and followers but not paying customers.

In my business early years, I worked with a lot of celebrities and I realised if care is not taken you may keep attracting the wrong audience.

The willing ones assume your brand is for rich people alone. Or they feel they just can’t afford you.

Some assume you must be too busy for ordinary people like them.

On and on.

Learn to say no, if you want your business to grow.

The video below has some tips for you.

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Your customers are the currents driving the business. Without them, nothing is happening.

This is why you should take them as important as you take the business itself. Having them seems easier than maintaining them, in my years of experience.

They come with their differences, thus, you need to find a way around handling their differences, and not giving your business or yourself more problems. “As much as you try, you cannot keep or satisfy them all – just keep doing your best daily”

Let’s start with this question, if you can answer it, we’re good to go.

Do you know who your clients or customers are?

If you don’t, take a pause and define them first. You don’t want to be shooting at no targets.

Knowing who they are and where they are is one of the steps to growing a successful business.

Let’s assume you now know them, how do you retain them, maintain them and attract more? Let’s dig in….

What do your customers really want?

1. Do you know what they want or need?

What are they looking for?

Don’t sell what you want to sell, sell what they want to buy.

Many business owners are concerned about their plans alone, any plan you make towards making profits without considering your customers, will ne a hectic task. Your business centers around them, rememeber.

In your line of service or products, look around at what others are offering- which your customers have already seen, then look for what might be missing that you can add and attract them with.

If your business isn’t solving real problems for them, they will only keep looking, checking you out without results.


Making your knowledge look cheap won’t attract customers that will help you add value to it. They will approach you and deal with you the way they see you.

If you dont value yourself, how do you expect them to?

Your confidence should speak with each step you take . Shaky confidence is what makes many good business owners hide their faces and the confident ones with lesser skills will keep showing up and cashing out.

Work on yourself!


Get your business visible, clearly noticed and seen.

you can have great strategies, great products, not getting it out is like hiding under a canopy or an underground store.

Marketing is not an instant yeast. It grows with continuity and constant development.

Get your business noticed an many platforms – radio, social media, billboards, all search engines you can come by, networking etc.


Your brand identity plays a major role in your business growth. Many things add up to this.

Your name, colours, logo, office space, business card, so many. It depends on how you start it, just start somewhere.

Create some uniqueness for your brand that will get you noticed quickly when you appear.

And remember you are a walking billboard for that business. What messages or information are you passing on when you leave for work, meet people, when they walk into your office, when you post online, etc.


In business, customer experience ranks your business. Word of mouth advertisement is one of the most effective ways of getting known, and this can only come as a result of quality customer experience.

It births good referral without you paying a dime.

How can they have that experience they want to share with the world with you?

It could also come in many forms. –

Reception- the way and manner you receive them and make them feel welcome.

Prices, Discounts, Pro Bonos, Extras, Gifts and a whole lot more.

Good customer experience is a win one win more strategy.

With these few tips, you can get some immediate results in few weeks. Give it a shot.


Ibadancity Fashion College is a leading fashion and Entrepreneurship college in Nigeria.

A CBN/NIRSAL certified Entrepreneurship Development Institute.

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Having a personal business and not having a compulsory 9-5 was a dream, I loved it, and for anyone who likes independence, I believe we are on the same page. Then after a while I realized that the path of Entrepreneurship and business is not as juicy as it looks from afar – Says Teetee a rising entrepreneur in the food and confectionery industry.

Those who hate their jobs quickly find comfort in deciding to start a business. And if I must say, It is quite risky to step into an unwalked path without a guide. When people say they want to start a new busines for the first time, the first thought in my head is, why not juggle it alongside that job until you find a balance point. It is quite easier for people who had been in the business of small businesses to keep starting and working on new startups until they find a Gold spot, than a complete newbie who believe he or she can base their decisions on the results of the business owners they are seeing.

A tree should not be judged by its leaves and trunk size, you didnt see it when it was digging the roots in.


One major reason is because they admire other entrepreneurs around them. You want to be like they lady or guy who looks like he or she is making so much money from that simple job they are doing. Simply put, Successful people inspire others to be successful; but they works lie with the inspired people- are they seeing beyond the surface?

They have so much hope and faith and just somehow believe all they need is a huge capital and the Boom starts. They even believe they have more business sense than other business owners around them, and they see more prospects in their own success more than what they are seeing in the people inspiring them. “If A could do it l, I was more brilliant than her in school, I can definitely do better”

Until you get into the water. Never think you are a good swimmer.

NOT WANTING TO BE BOSSED – Is another reason many chose Entrepreneurship and this is one of the bad reasons. When you don’t want to be controlled, how do you plan controlling others? Being bossed around can be annoying and ego-hurting, but you can work your way around this and learn instead of resenting the boss. Entrepreneurship makes you a boss to others too, you don’t know the type of boss you will turn out to be in a heated situation. If you want to be the one with the final say always, then leaving your job for the business field may give you loads of hiccups.

If you are choosing to start an Enterprise, know you are choosing to take so many risks and uncertain routes. Evryone is a good dancer on the seat until they hit the dancefloor. Look beyond the surface, look beyond the ‘sold out’, look beyond the Instagram swags, look beyond the status they are showing you they have. Look deeper beyond the facade, if you jump into a water too deep, and you can’t swim good enough, you know the results.

To know more about our Entrepreneurship classes, visit the college or contact us on +2348081067070

IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE . Unisex Fashion and Entrepreneurship College. We are a CBN/NIRSAL ACCREDITED EDI assisting business owners in getting msme loans to fund and grow their businesses.

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We all know building business is not as easy as it sounds or projected. By the time you dive in, you see a lot of hidden realities you haven’t faced before starting. And this is common to all businesses. So, you’re not alone.

The fear of a lot of new business start-ups is getting the first clients. How do I get my product or service known, how do I get more people on board?, how do I get my first major break ?, and so on….

And let’s face the truth here, it’s really not so easy to push one’s business, NOT because you’re an introvert,extroverts have the same issues too. It’s just a normal fear of “will I be accepted?

Today, I will be sharing few tips on how-to get the first clients, they are the foundations you need and later build on

1● Tell family and friends in a way that reflects your seriousness and professionalism. I’ve often heard people saying family and friends don’t make good customers. In other words, they can be the best constant client and your best referral people. It is how you tell them that determines how they see you, and believe you. You say it jokingly, the term it as a joke or just a side passion you want to pursue.

Imagine you just saying it casually and expecting them to patronize you? Did you give them your business card? Did you send them the social media handles of the new business? For them to share too?

A personal message to them would sound very official and make you look serious. Let them know why you’re going into the new business. How much it means to you.

You actually need to ask them to share your message. They may not be able to afford you, but they may have your clients around them. They will refer.

And remember to thank them for the little helps. It will make them do more.

To be continued…….


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Oftentimes, I’ve found myself as a teacher being asked questions about starting up the business on a low scale. Personally, I started my business from home. And it was a great experience. I see it as an opportunity many can make good use of. It helps in giving you enough time to save up, build your brand and gain client, most importantly; gain the good, the bad, the ugly, the sweet experiences; and get you well prepared for the real world of business out there.

You being in the fashion business world is already an advantage. Remember, everyone wants to cover up, and look good especially. It tells you, you have a business meeting readymade needs by nature. Food and clothing are part of the major things no one can do without.

Having it in mind that the business you’re about to go into is almost a “Sure” venture. Gives a good prospect. You can bet on it.

You’ve always heard it – Dream BIG!

And now, as a startup, you have also decided to Dream Very Big. This is absolutely cool. 👍. But wait a minute, what about crawling before walking, walking before running……

There is a Process. Whether you choose to see it or not accept it. Don’t go ahead of yourself in the process of dreaming Big.

Your dream of becoming famous should be set aside, invest all the strength you have at the start into setting off your business line on a solid start.

Get all the knowledge you can. Be well equipped before the startup. There is a lot to understand before kicking off, that is why when you choose to learn, choose a school or a college that will teach you “All-Round”. It’s not enough to know how to sew, you need to know a lot of things. – Latest Trends, styles, body types and how to style each body type, colors, balance, shapes, the details of production, marketing, customer relations, and a whole lot more……

There is a lot to learn before you even start the business, if you want to be ahead of your game. Asides the one you will learn as you go.

To Create The Clothing Line Of Your Dreams

Have it in mind that the field is full out there. Everyone is making something, this is where the part of RESEARCH comes in. Understand the competion going on and how you can enter the market and get your feet standing. Your works must be powerful enough to gain the attention, retain the attention and get your more clients.

It will be good to choose a market to start with. You could choose children, women, men, plus size, maternity, etc…… But whichever one you choose, research to know what their market lacks. And start somewhere.

Ask to know what they need. – feedback helps, let them tell you what they feel about your work and ask for what they want. This will help you discover areas you can take advantage of.

Think up ways to maximize your limited capital. – you want to start small, it won’t be good if you put the money into what’s not worth it. Buy what you need, not what you feel is important.

More tips coming soon…… share this with a friend or anyone that needs this.




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Been a while here. We were making some changes and yes we will give the details in full soon.

Our topic today is aimed at helping individuals who started off with a passion for sewing and on the way decided to make it a business. As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs started off this way. So it is no crime, and you are not alone.

As long as there is a starting point. Then you are good to go.

Your passion should get you to a place where it should fetch you some good profits.

So let’s assume, you have started off sewing just for the passion of it, but now it’s beginning to look like there is more light shining somewhere at the end the tunnel, which you wish to pursue and achieve.

Let’s take a quick look at steps you should give thoughts to.

  1. Self Assessment stage. – a sincere stage, we must say. Get your skills assessed by no one but YOU! You can’t afford to deceive yourself into investing time and resources into what you won’t be honest about. How good are you? How fast can you be at meeting targets and deadlines. How much of the sewing do you really know – sincerely. ??? Take a look at other competitors you have at this stage, and weigh your skills with theirs. Remember it is a highly competitive market.

  2. How often do you get compliments on the clothes you have made for yourself? Definitely, before you decided to give the sewing business a push, you definitely must be your first client. How often do you get people asking you about the outfits you have made. We have a common phrase at the college (Ibadancity Fashion college ) ; and it’s – if they ask you who made it or where you made it, you are doing good enough, but when they ask you where you bought it, start clapping for yourself. When it starts looking bought, you are making waves – believe it.

3. Is your skill or potential in demand? How many people have you attracted with the works you have done so far? And how many people have they told about you. You can never push aside the ‘word of mouth’ advertisement in this business of fashion. It goes a longer way.

4. How can the business you are about to start fit into your lifestyle?

You can’t afford to start it, if you can’t maintain it. – how can your existing lifestyle accommodate the new found passion? Don’t just dangle into it, weigh the Pros and Cons.

The physical challenges that comes with sewing business is much. Can you handle it?

Sitting and standing for long hours? Can you handle it ?

Client management? They can be real trouble at times. How well prepared are you for the worst clients?

Your location? For example if you want to start at home, how easy will it be for your clients? Or what other alternative arrangements are you making to connect with your potential clients ?

How much are you willing to invest into the business?

The equipments and tools you would want to buy? How well are you familiar with the ones that will last. And serve you well.

These and more are few of the factors you would want to consider before delving into the business. Plan well if you’re not planning to fail.

No business should be started without thorough planning. Your plans are the ladders you climb up and the bricks you build with.

If you are still planning to check out a Fashion school with the facilities and facilitators that will make these dreams real? Consider IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE. our reputation remains unbeaten. The Leading Fashion School in Oyo State.

Offering all Fashion related course and Entrepreneurial studies.



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I Think I Love Designing Clothes…

You think you love designing clothes? Yes YOU!

Passion doesn’t really leave us no matter how hard we try to suppress it. As long as it is genuine passion, it keeps popping out staring you wide eyed every moment. Especially when some tiny streaks of frustration sets in. Buzzing you with thoughts like,- “why am I doing this job, I could have followed my passion all along “, “am I really fulfilled?”, “I think I am made for more…”, “I just feel empty like something is missing, I need to discover more” ……

Thoughts like these are pointers to the truths you try to hide. No matter how hard you put up a sweet face, unfulfilled dreams can’t hide for long.

If the header struck you. Then, something has been calling you into the Fashion line. Heed and watch yourself evolve into something beautiful and great.

As a child, many of us fell in love with fashion, clothes and magazines are intriguing to us, you had the dream of communicating through the art of Fashion. You need to know that, the potential to excel is already inborn. And makes you better than those opting for it out of no-choice.

To pursue this dream, you may just start where you are while you prepare for the bigger picture. Don’t wait for the perfect time. It may never come. Grab all the suitable time you are opportune to get and Maximize it.

Build your interest. Explore and discover the many opportunities in birthed in you, untapped. And the many opportunities in the industry. Exploiting this areas is to help you build and have an edge quickly.

Remember you are doing what others are doing. The way you build and work on your craft is what makes you different.

So, work on your steps as you move towards working to get your dreams materialize. Get a good fashion class. And learn learn learn.

Ibadancity Fashion College. Offers all Fashion related courses. In full and part time.

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You Really Want To Stay In The Fashion Biz….

Choosing to study fashion used to be a second opinion back in the days in Nigeria . When some go to high school and colleges, those who couldn’t go due to different reasons opt to acquire different skills.

The rating of those acquiring skills then was not as high as what we are seeing now. Who would have said the times could turn so fast. Even the government is preaching skill acquisition to the graduates and students now.

It’s becoming clearer that the fashion industry is getting more people daily. The self awareness factor, the lack of employment, unstable college calendar etc…. as major contributors.

As much as it is good to consider acquiring skills, how deep have you thought about it before embarking on it. Fashion business is no joke. As fast as it can make you, losing a small step can either make you irrelevant or out of the game.

You have seen the booming fashion designers with their posh cars and rich lifestyles. Before you covet it, pause and look deeper and think. Is what you see the reality of the game. Whatever you see is not what they built in a day. Silent years of labour is lying somewhere in between the memories.

Now, as you would see, the industry is growing fast. And becoming highly competitive. You need to have Ace cards to play your game right.

First thing first, While planning to embark on the fashion lane, while putting things in place. Tell yourself that no opportunity to learn and get better will fly without you grabbing them. Asides from learning, learn more.

Gain all the experiences that can help your vision. Your basic training is your key to a wide range of exciting career opportunities and options.

Fashion has to do with ideas. Open up your minds. Anything could bring inspiration.

When you open your mind to learn and grab from every passing Inspiration, you’re helping yourself grow.

Don’t always copy what you see, let every thing inspire you. Add your own touch and bring out your own masterpiece always.

be ready to work hard. Fashion business is not a child’s play. Even when you have good hands working for you. You have to be in your toes.

Quality Control – The standard you are building for your fashion line must be on the rise. Never falling nor failing. Otherwise, you may lose out. Remember the competition is tight.

Don’t Joke with first impressions.

Anytime you’re meeting or working for a new client is time to never joke with. you are having the opportunity to create a lasting impression, that determines if you gain them and gain more through them, or lose them and lose more.

Sourcing for your Fabrics and other materials.

Go for originality. Go for classics. Give your clients pieces that will last it’s worth. Think about investing in good textiles. It is the fuel of your business. Your business will boom wherever you are located if you are very good at what you do. Packaging and giving it that “it” look is not what sells eventually. It is the quality of what comes out of it. Just as the book cover attracts, the contents keeps you glued.

invest rightly.

How you start and why you start with. Don’t buy what you won’t need. Buy the essentials that can and will serve you. The cash you will use to buy machine you won’t need now can be spent buying other essentials. If you want to buy a heavy duty industrial machine, and your power generator can’t serve the purpose. That might be a right investment based on wrong timing.

Allow the business to grow naturally.

Watch and study. And allow the business grow, so you can know how worthy it is. Don’t spend your profits, re-invest. Don’t borrow to sustain the business. If it’s not growing check and see where the loopholes may be. Did you gain enough before starting off. A half baked bread can’t last. Be sure it’s the business and not you.

Don’t judge your pace by another person’s speed. You are not wearing their shoes.

Give it thoughts and always double check. See if the business is meant for you. Don’t stay struggling. And always seek to improve yourself. Otherwise you may fade out.

All Designs featured are Projects of Students of Ibadancity Fashion College.

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How To Make Your Productivity Increase Always 

Either as a business owner, or employee, or employer. Even as a student, or stay-at-home worker, whatever category you fall into. The need for a rise in our productivity and efficiency is a normal pull on our daily routine. 

Most times each day we seek to make more of the next day, and sometimes the next day end up not being as fruitful as we imagined or expected. 

How do we get this sorted till we reach our desired goal. 

First of all, remember, you are not alone in this. Most people are in the same shoes. But if you don’t like anything, seek to change it. Maintaining status quo won’t bring the change you desire. 

The plan you make today, will bring the change you desire tomorrow.


 Sort out all your tasks first. Having clusters here and there to do may get you more confused and helpless. In order of priority, list them and mark one by one. I often list out clothes I want to make in the order of simplicity, sometimes I pick the difficult ones first , and other times the other way round, depending on the type of day it falls into. In prioritizing, don’t be rigid. Allow flexibility.  Always check the list as the day or the week goes, to see how far you have come. You may not meet the target when you start this, give yourself credits for every small accomplishment, it boosts YOU. 


After listing, plan how you intend achieving them. This enables you to know if your listing is okay or not. If you have an hour to work and you list 3 tasks that will take about 2 hours each to complete, you’ve already planned discouragement and failure alongside. Plan and be realistic with yourself. 


Wake up early and pursue your dream. Of course get enough sleep, but not excessively. Starting in time saves you a lot of stress.  You can’t change the number of hours in a day, but you can change how you spend them. 

4. LEFT FOOT FIRST? –  Sometimes starting with the most difficult task may give you a good sense of accomplishment. It could make all other tasks easier to handle. Consider you starting with the easy ones and later, you had to do the difficult ones, it may end up looking like you’re spending forever accomplishing them. Worst can come first to make the end look much better. 


Learning to control your time is like mastering your art. 

Even if our home is your office, for those working from home, this may seem difficult. But it’s a matter of marking your time well and getting it aligned with your plans. While at work, avoid distractions. Avoid unnecessary visits from friends, or gist hours that wastes your time.  They are small, but they creep in and waste the day.  And don’t pile up more than you know you can do. Work with your speed and time yourself. This gives you a good sense of productivity. I gained speed in sewing by learning to time myself. Thus i can foretell the hours each task can take. 


Work flows well when you maintain a positive attitude. Let your mind dwell on positivity all day. Allowing negative thoughts sink in will play down your morale. You need all the vibes you can get to increase your productivity. Many times I surround myself with music that boosts me up on loud play , it allows me feel good about myself and I definitely achieve more. Whatever works for you, discover it and apply it. 

No matter what you do, getting better makes it all better. Don’t be the type that gets satisfied with little achievements. Look up and ahead always. Work it daily. I never want to go to bed without adding a new knowledge. Especially for someone in a career that does more teaching or taking others through certain things. You need a constant refill. So if you critically look at it. Your work involves a little bit of giving something out. Be on constant refill. 



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