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Agribusiness/Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS), is an initiative of the Apex Bank – Central Bank of Nigeria, aimed at funding existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in building their businesses and in return contributing to the national Development.

So if you’re thinking of starting a business with this loan. You are in the right place. And this is the simplest and easiest loan you can get to run a business in Nigeria. It is an initiative to support the Federal Government’s efforts and policy measures for the promotion of Agricultural Businesses, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as vehicles for sustainable economic development and employment generation

Can your business benefit from the scheme?

The scheme is designed to help MSMEs in the following sectors:
Agricultural businesses, Education, Health, Services , Hospitality, Catering, Services, ICT, Manufacturing/Production, Mining, Creative Industry – like Fashion, Design, Crafts, Entertainment, Petrochemicals. Etc. If you are not sure of your business being covered by the scheme. Call us to know more. Entrepreneurs can access up to Ten Million Naira (N10,000,000) at 5% per annum for up to 7 years repayment.

cross section of participants at the July edition of the AGSMEIS training at Ibadancity Fashion College. Ibadan.

The major requirement to access this fund is to be trained by an Enterprise Development Institution (EDI). IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE is a CBN Accredited EDI. At the completion of your Entrepreneurship training, your application and other details would be forwarded to CBN by the EDI. And you will be contacted by the CBN for interview and other neccessary information.

For the loan repayment, maximum of 18 months moratorium will be given on the loan principal and 6 months on the interest of the loan. The Interest rate is at 5% per annum. Loan duration/tenure is a maximum of 7 years. The Loan limit is between 1 million to10million naira. If you have any doubt, please visit any CBN branch nationwide, go to Development Finance Office to get more clarity and information.

To register for any of the training, contact the college on +2348081067070. To know when the next training is coming up.

Here are clips from the July edition.

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Still thinking of how to take your fashion business to a higher level, then think of Ibcity fashion college.

All our students enjoy so many privileges, asides the detailed training, the side dishes that comes with our packages are customized to assist each student in building their entrepreneurial career.

we are in partnership with leading african stores in europe and USA, this gives our students the opportunity to showcase and market their products easily accross the globe.

Students are also privileged to showcase alongside the college’s principal Instructor on international runways and exhibitions.

Give those dreams the chance to blossom.

Ibadancity Fashion College



We are now an approved EDI by the Central Bank Of Nigeria CBN for the AGSMEIS funding for small medium enterprises.

This is an initiative of the CBN to support the federal government’s efforts towards the promotion of Agricultural businesses, small and medium enterprises, as instruments of national economic development and employment generation.

it is a no collateral loan, to cushion the effects on applicants, with a loan limit of 10 million naira and maximum loan tenor is 7 years with a 6 months moratorium (no paying back until after 6 months).

Applicants can be from agricultural businesses, creative industry – fashion, crafts, beauty,education, manufacturing and production industry etc (for more information on this, to know if your sector can qualify, contact us)

The major requirement for the loan is your training certificate by a CBN Approved EDI. (contact us to register)

The loan comes in 2 parts, the working capital and the equipments capital, which every approved applicant will benefit from.

Take your business to a new level, be a part of this and benefit from the intervention fund.

As a student of Ibcity fashion college, this is one of the benefits you are open to. Enroll today and benefit from more.


What are the skills you will acquire as a student in ibadancity fashion college?

  1. From startup level, to intermediate and advanced levels, you learn and master professional sewing techniques, garment production and garment construction methods and skills.
  2. Techniques to build your fashion portfolio.
  3. Understanding how the fashion industry works, the business and entrepreneurial aspects of fashion design.

Classes outline – here is a few outline of the startup class courses.

Introduction to sewing.  Basic and primary sewing techniques.

Beginners garment construction  bodice etc

Fashion  business and entrepreneurship seminars

Intermediate Class

                Handling advanced sewing techniques.

Advanced garment production and construction.

Pattern and size grading. factory Production technique.

Building portfolios and boards

Courses include

  • Formal wears
  • Street fashion (optional)
  • and more……

Session 3

includes – Personal fashion Label / line creation

At this stage, project of each student includes developing and creating their fashion label. They are introduced to the real world of fashion industry and design. 

They come up with logos, potential brand names, collections in different categories, lookbooks, photoshoot styling and more.

Runway preparation classes and projects.

Social media platforms review and development

This stage qualifies the student to partake in an international transfer study program in UAE. Which could enhance their study continuation outside Nigeria, in United Kingdom, UAE or India.

Steps To Becoming A Fashion Designer.

Fashion designing is getting really competitive these days. A close and critical look at the industry is enough to tell you. Look around you, check your friends list, there is someone involved in the fashion business somehow around you. And you still want to get involved. Well, why not?, the sky is wide enough.

The question that should come to mind is, with the numbers of emerging fashion designers, why do we have people still needing good fashion designers? The answer is easy, how many people in the field are very good enough to meet the needs of the needy clients?

You have the desire and the passion? Yes! But you think it’s looking crowded? No! Look well enough, there are fertile areas untapped.

It actually takes Very Good skills and serious hard work (note the words, it means exactly what it says )

Mathematics is involved – Oh! You need some grasp of simple mathematics. It’s not always mentioned but it is messed. Fashion designers use mathematics to figure sizes, measure fabrics, draft patterns, cut fabrics to actual measurement sizes, calculate darts, balance points etc. …. 

Technology- the world is moving fast… and we’re pacing to catch up. How well do you manage the Tech side of the business. Especially now when the world lives online. Technology can not be toyed with. The phones on your hand is more than what it is. It is a marketplace and an office on its own. Sit and analyze how you can get the best of the opportunities in the e-world. It is the link you have to the world outside you. This is a topic for another day,…..

The Need For Artistic and Creative Thinking – your mind must be tuned to new creations. Repetition kills the vibes. You need to be able to come up with new ideas regularly. Thinking creatively is the foundation for innovation. This is the foundation that gives you the raw materials you need in bringing it all together to give you a solid finished product.

Good Drawing Skills – you should know how to sketch. Don’t aim for perfection at the start. Build on it and keep working on it. It is one of the important skills you need. Some clients will ask you to bring the concept you have for them on paper. You don’t have to like fine arts to know how to sketch. Practice Practice Practice.

ability to sketch well also helps you discover the power of your own creativity. It makes starting and finishing your jobs easier. The details you want to see can easily be put to paper and made to the specifications you want to see.

Education – Obviously fashion designing is not as easy as ABC, and you need to know your ABCs well. Learn as much as you can, every knowledge counts. Needed knowledge is not limited to sewing alone, you need a grasp of some other subjects/ topics. Understanding the human body, is one. Know individual body types, this in a long way, helps in knowing how to handle some body shapes and structure. 

Business management, marketing, customer relations, styling, photography and more are topics you need to know, even if just a bit.

Knowing your Market- this is another topic that needs more expansion, but let’s touch the surface. The market is wide, vast and almost unending. In this wide world of fashion, how do you know your own market.? You need to look well into the thriving fashion related businesses around you, and look for the areas not so saturated. Look for where their is not much crowd. And start thinking of ways to tap the opportunities.

What is your target? Before starting the business, what are you looking at? There are different areas, ready-to-wear, Couture, children’s wear, menswear, womenswear, interiors, lingeries, etc…..

Good Idea and Good Skill – your sewing skills must be perfectly on point before you decide to start the business. Don’t rush to start, take time and learn all the rudiments. There are many sewing techniques you must know and master. Such as – hand stitch, embroidery, Appliqué application, and more…….

The steps are more, but let’s take a pause today.


We all know building business is not as easy as it sounds or projected. By the time you dive in, you see a lot of hidden realities you haven’t faced before starting. And this is common to all businesses. So, you’re not alone.

The fear of a lot of new business start-ups is getting the first clients. How do I get my product or service known, how do I get more people on board?, how do I get my first major break ?, and so on….

And let’s face the truth here, it’s really not so easy to push one’s business, NOT because you’re an introvert,extroverts have the same issues too. It’s just a normal fear of “will I be accepted?

Today, I will be sharing few tips on how-to get the first clients, they are the foundations you need and later build on

1● Tell family and friends in a way that reflects your seriousness and professionalism. I’ve often heard people saying family and friends don’t make good customers. In other words, they can be the best constant client and your best referral people. It is how you tell them that determines how they see you, and believe you. You say it jokingly, the term it as a joke or just a side passion you want to pursue.

Imagine you just saying it casually and expecting them to patronize you? Did you give them your business card? Did you send them the social media handles of the new business? For them to share too?

A personal message to them would sound very official and make you look serious. Let them know why you’re going into the new business. How much it means to you.

You actually need to ask them to share your message. They may not be able to afford you, but they may have your clients around them. They will refer.

And remember to thank them for the little helps. It will make them do more.

To be continued…….


Your one stop college for fashion training and entrepreneurship

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Going Global. – Ibadan To The World

Last weekend was a jolly one for us. As we had the honor and pleasure of showcasing our works all the way in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

The event, organized by Cancel Cancer Africa. Was aimed at raising funds in creating awareness on cancer spread in Africa, in order to help our country people get more light and education on cancer. 

Being a part of this show this year is medal we will cherish.

Our students at Ibadancity Fashion College had the great privilege of showcasing their designs on the International runway.

Raising global fashionpreneurs is our watchword. And we’re keeping up the game daily.

Being a part of a great cause in a fashionable way…. and we’re set to go all the way in supporting this cause even as we reach more communities and raise funds with our skills.

Be a part too and together , we can.

Remember, early detection saves lives. The more people know they can get help, the better the chances of survival and overcoming it. We support Cancel Cancer Africa.






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How To Dress To Look Slimmer In Your Outfits? …….

Some of us envy the hourglass ladies who have all the shape going good. But, as a matter of fact nothing stops anyone from “slaying”. Of course, with your self confidence intact, you’re always good to go.

Being in the shoes of what to wear to bring the shape out, and having the task of advising and helping clients with how to look smart and sharp. Let’s share some tips with ourselves today.

Age, pregnancy, childbirth, genes, body type, and many more factors contribute to our changing body shapes. But to keep your confidence level up, don’t fall for it. It’s your duty to make sure you look your best and always walk head held high.

All of us can’t be size 6 or size 0, nature has blessed some of us and we should love ourselves the way we are

it’s good to live healthy and shed the excess body weights. Exercise and keep a good health record. But don’t go overboard killing yourself in order to be skinny. Don’t go starving, if you starve to lose weight, the weight will come back. – just a personal side opinion.


So, whether your plus or minus size, hourglass, six or sixty pack, these tips will always come in handy. 

1. Always buy, make and wear your correct size.


As a fashion designer I am seeing that in this part of the world, many people don’t know the size they wear. Get to know your size, ask your designer or consult a good one to get your body statistics and tell you your size in different countries options. ( You can consult me if you don’t mind. That’s my job ) 

Wearing clothes that are too big or too small won’t make you smart. Big clothes make you look bigger and tight clothes will only draw unnecessary attention to areas you would have loved to hide.

2. Opt for waist defining clothes once in a while.

Snatch That Waist!

To appear thinner, cinch in the waist. It surely gives you a smaller waistline. Use belts to cinch, or your Shapewear. Your Shapewear is something you should have for the days you will need them. You don’t have to be an everyday user, just get one or 2 for the needed days. And always wear the right undergarments. Sometimes your underwears are more important than the outerwear. They give shape to your body.


3. Stilettos May be your friend on the skinny jeans days. They give you that butt lift  and an elegant look longer legs look. 

4. The One Color Wonder. Monochrome Magic. There are days for colors and days for just one color for a simpler all in one look. This look just keeps you simple and classy , leaving all things in proportion. 

5. Vertical Stripes – we all know the power of stripes and when well arranged, can give that optical illusion that can transform your total look. It makes you look taller and slimmer. You can play around it in different areas for better shape. 


6. Boot Cuts can save the day too – boot cut pants  draw attention away from your waistline and gives you a slimmer longer legs look too. 

7. V – Necklines – makes you appear slimmer. Try it. It naturally makes your upper body longer. And for those with full upper body, it gives you a slimmed down look. But remember to invest in good push up bras. Looking saggy is a No No.


So Go Girl and use one or all the tips, give yourself a “dressing lift “, at least it’s cheaper than a face lift or butt lift . Lift yourself in your affordable way and go win ’em goals!

Dgvstyles- is a unisex fashion house In Ibadan.

The CEO is the Principal Instructor of IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE – a Leading fashion School In Oyo State. Nigeria.


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