How I got my business name?

This is one area I enjoy discussing with startup business owners. It interests me and catches my fancy almost anytime. Maybe because I’ve had to deal with so many business names during my Entrepreneurship Development trainings for business owners

There are names and there are names. Let me say.

I’ve heard names that made me check ten times if my eyes were still working well lol 😆.

Have you heard a business name that didn’t sound like what you thought it should? Or let me say you heard the name and had another business in mind? It’s like naming a child with another culture’s name. Or like in my yoruba culture in Nigeria. Only twins can be called “Taye & Kehinde”, now imagine you meeting someone who says his or her name Is Taye. And the person isn’t a twin?

Now you get it. I suppose.

Watch this short video in the link below to hear my tips on choosing business names.

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Choosing The Right Business Name

Let me start by asking how is your business going. For those planning to start, what are the steps you have taken?

How far have you gone with your business plan? Your growth plans? And startup plans? Note I have an economy coming up that will help you get this done in simple ways, as simple as ABC. I’ve penned down how I started and I am sharing it all with you in the books. Watch out.

Today, we’re talking about choosing a name for the business. For existing business owners, you may want to take a second look at your business name.

Does it need adjustment? Is it just okay the way it is for now? Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure if you are not yet sure. Take your time.

It’s a common thing to see business owners combine their names into acronyms to make a business name, or put the names in the family together to form another name. This is a good idea as long as it sounds good and not too long, difficult to spell and pronounce.

The name you will choose for your business is the name you want to be called. Don’t rush to select.

Consider how far you want the business to go. What is the vision? The end goal.

Your business name is unique, and your clients must be happy to relate with it.

If you choose a name that doesn’t relate to your business, people may get a wrong interpretation of what you represent.

Search for keywords in your industry. And work around it. I’ve seen people use beauty lingo in the fashion industry. It may sound okay, but the first impression customers get may mislead.

Let’s take an example



These 2 names belong to a fashion house. To the best of my knowledge, the first name sounds like a makeup business or a hair/ beauty business.

The second name is simple and general, could fit anything. This is an idea of how your name can mislead your audience.

Don’t choose names because you heard someone using it. Sometimes in the spirit of competition, I’ve seen business owners coin name close to what another person is using. It could be out of admiration. If you find yourself on this seat, try to be unique. It’s part of what you want to do.

Copying makes you lazy intellectually, if you don’t task your creativity, it won’t task itself. Carve out a niche for yourself with your business name.

For global brands, products or services- consider your foreign clients too. Simplicity does it.

Your business name will keep being on people’s lips. Don’t take it with fingertips.

Another issue is religion – for those who get over religious with business names. Its okay, it is a personal choice. But ask yourself, is your service, product or brand for some kind of religion only?

If not, you are already creating a demarcation which will affect the business growth.

Take a short time and review your business name.

Search for industry keywords.

Search for keywords in other languages, some languages have beautiful interpretations that are so easy to pronounce, spell and they sure sound exquisite.

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I started 2021 by firstly telling myself “No Rush”

I think we’re all just used to setting new goals. Setting new targets, how do I make it big this year and all that….

But, the year isn’t running anywhere – this doesn’t mean we should slacken down – Yet we move!

Here’s my short first welcome video just for you. Enjoy and make the year memorable

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Having a personal business and not having a compulsory 9-5 was a dream, I loved it, and for anyone who likes independence, I believe we are on the same page. Then after a while I realized that the path of Entrepreneurship and business is not as juicy as it looks from afar – Says Teetee a rising entrepreneur in the food and confectionery industry.

Those who hate their jobs quickly find comfort in deciding to start a business. And if I must say, It is quite risky to step into an unwalked path without a guide. When people say they want to start a new busines for the first time, the first thought in my head is, why not juggle it alongside that job until you find a balance point. It is quite easier for people who had been in the business of small businesses to keep starting and working on new startups until they find a Gold spot, than a complete newbie who believe he or she can base their decisions on the results of the business owners they are seeing.

A tree should not be judged by its leaves and trunk size, you didnt see it when it was digging the roots in.


One major reason is because they admire other entrepreneurs around them. You want to be like they lady or guy who looks like he or she is making so much money from that simple job they are doing. Simply put, Successful people inspire others to be successful; but they works lie with the inspired people- are they seeing beyond the surface?

They have so much hope and faith and just somehow believe all they need is a huge capital and the Boom starts. They even believe they have more business sense than other business owners around them, and they see more prospects in their own success more than what they are seeing in the people inspiring them. “If A could do it l, I was more brilliant than her in school, I can definitely do better”

Until you get into the water. Never think you are a good swimmer.

NOT WANTING TO BE BOSSED – Is another reason many chose Entrepreneurship and this is one of the bad reasons. When you don’t want to be controlled, how do you plan controlling others? Being bossed around can be annoying and ego-hurting, but you can work your way around this and learn instead of resenting the boss. Entrepreneurship makes you a boss to others too, you don’t know the type of boss you will turn out to be in a heated situation. If you want to be the one with the final say always, then leaving your job for the business field may give you loads of hiccups.

If you are choosing to start an Enterprise, know you are choosing to take so many risks and uncertain routes. Evryone is a good dancer on the seat until they hit the dancefloor. Look beyond the surface, look beyond the ‘sold out’, look beyond the Instagram swags, look beyond the status they are showing you they have. Look deeper beyond the facade, if you jump into a water too deep, and you can’t swim good enough, you know the results.

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The buzz is everywhere about Dress For Less. 

What is Dress For Less?

Dress For Less was birthed a couple of years back by DGVStyles, a leading clothier in Ibadan. The first version was aimed at raising funds to empower and start-up a physically challenged student of the Fashion College named DGV FASHION ACADEMY (now IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE). And it was a huge success. 

Apart from the man who got startup equipments, every one who shopped at dress for less had a huge smile on their faces. As top quality ready-to-wear outfits were sold at almost free prices. 

The brain behind the idea, Ronke Olubanjo, in her words said “Dress for less is my passion. I dream of seeing everyone being able to get what they want at prices that won’t even shake their purses. When you leave the country, you can buy at affordable rates either during sales or promo seasons, many buy this and sell at high costs leaving the average Nigerian at no choice but to buy fairly used (Grade A etc) outfits. Not everyone likes to be seen at the fairly used stalls, but when your pocket is saying the truth to your face, sometimes life leaves you with no choice . This is the main reason behind Dress For Less. 


Dress at a lesser price and still get the quality you desire. 

At Dress For Less each year, outfits are sold for as low #500 and the best designs go for between #3500-4000. These are items you won’t get outside for less that times 4/5 of dress for less prices.  


This year’s event which comes up on Saturday 19th of December – the Saturday before Christmas. Will hold at IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE. Located at 4, Ajia Street. Behind IBEDC office (Capital building ring road) Ibadan.  (Follow the tarred road opposite KFC ring road)

The twist coming to this year’s event is the launch of a programme tagged “FASHIONPRENEURS” this is a scheme for anyone who desires to resell DFL clothing. Such people are to register on or before the event by sending mail declaring their interest to retail to or 

Fashionpreneurs will be opportune to buy all year round at the DFL rates and resell at their own prices suitable for their markets. Fashionpreneurs will be able to order what their market needs and get them delivered to them where they are. The goal is to empower and make people start their boutique businesses with as little as #5000. Registration is free. Simply attend DFL 2015 or send someone to purchase and register for you. 

Individuals who will want to order for personal uses from January 2016 will be able to just at a slightly higher rate than fashionpreneurs’ prices. Items will be shipped to them at charges based on their destination. 

The DFL range from 2016 will include all clothing items , unisex and kids and many more. Simply connect on Instagram @dgvstyles to get full details or like the Facebook page – DGVSTYLES. Money making without stress – someone’s chance is here!!!

This year DFL shopping will kickoff by 8am. Shop early so you can have the rest of the day to prepare for Christmas. Last year, all items sold out in about 2 hours. Everyone likes good things and when it’s affordable, it’s a plus all the way. 

Make it a date. Tell someone to come join enjoy this shopping spree. Buy for yourself get gifts for friends and family. 

DRESS FOR LESS 2015 – don’t miss out. Come shop, have fun, network and be merry. 

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Adding Value To My Business. …..

Every business owner wants to expand and increase. Of course, that’s the main target of being in business or a career.


But one bitter truth is, you won’t grow large if that is all all you care about. for that great and lasting success, do not only focus on expansion and enlargement,  focus on assimilating all that you have first. In that way, your focus can be on the right areas.
Campaigns, Advertisements, Promos etc, may bring people to you; But they will not come back unless you Deliver.
     To maintain that consistent growth, you must offer them something they cannot get anywhere else. No matter what it is or how small, look for that little plus and garnish your business with it.


If you are professing positivity, if your clients are excited about your services, and they just want to tell everybody about you without embarrassment, then having more people or more clients around you will be the least of your problems. People flock to that kind of service or business.


Seek to be outstanding even if its in a small way, the effect will reach farther than you think.


Take few minutes out today to sit and plan. Ways to improve, things to add and cut out.
Relating this to the fashion world where I major, it’s important you move with time and trend. Don’t offer your clients what is out of vogue. And don’t follow trends blindly, remember not everyone can afford changing their wardrobe with every new trend wave. In the midst of what is trending, let your designs, if not all, some, remain classic. Remember Fashion changes, style is iconic  but Style is always in fashion. The strength of your creativity is in how long it can stand in the fashion scene.


Dgv …….

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