Refund or I drag you…

If you’ve not been in this shoes, and you own a business in naija I must say – Una Wehdone o.

I wish I could say may it never happen to you. But, knowing fully well that success stories comes with a lot of sides we don’t want to share with the public. I will say, what for it. Its not a curse, its the reality.

What happens when such things come up.

Okay, as a consumer and customer to other businesses, I will say no one is at fault really. Its always a battle of one side vs the other.

Either the client is the one at fault, trying to give the vendor a bad image due to some reasons known to them alone.

You will be surprised, some business owners set customers against their competitors in the name of pulling them down, for them to rise and shine better.

Same way, sometimes it’s the business owners who take up jobs they clearly can’t deliver and call for these unnecessary dragging.

Then we have these instances when no-one is at fault, but the 2 parties just can’t clearly understand and manage the simple situation till it gets out of hand.

Have you been there? What did you do?

If you ask me, oh yeah I have been there and in all occasions, I’ve ensured my part is well delivered to a good level of justification. The clients of course may not accept but I want a case where you hear the story and I can boldly say- I did my part.

I happened to work on a project a while ago which involved a 3rd party organisation. Things happened, clearly out of my control and the affected people were threatening fire and brimstone. I just dey observe, did what I could and left the rest.

Should this push you out of business?
Of course NO! You will likely face more troubles, they are the hurdles you cross to get to the top.

Just be fit and good to go. The more you scale, the better you get at managing your business.

Have a productive weekend.

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We all move around free? , okay the men and the guys don’t seem to carry bags like we the ladies and mammas do right?  I love carrying my bags just like many other pretty divas do. Seems we always have something we think we need or might need in that bag we carry, but really how many of it do we use?  Hmmmmm……. got me thinking why we carry that much around. …….
   This is the same way we are all carrying excessive packages that slow down our rise. That mind is a Bag you carry everyday, man or woman, young or old.  And what you have in it is exactly what you see today on you and in you.


Every lady loves shopping and so do men, when we need and crave for something real bad, we do all it takes to achieve it. If only we put in this much zeal into the ‘Achievement Lane’. Many times you have to be the referee and blow the whistle for You to take off. January has gone again and what can you see in the ‘Achievements-Pack’ that you can boast of?


Dreams are not just dreams, they do come true Only when you stand and work it out, no magic makes that happen, no miracle makes that real, the only way it works is you getting up and working the chances out. Place and lay your options on the table and start the game. Play one per time, some you will win, others you may lose, most importantly, you’re already doing it and the chances keeps rising.


Basically what you start seeing is what starts manifesting to all.


If I haven’t believed in me, I won’t be near where I am today. Many of us still want to be cheered on, mostly, no one will, until you start cheering yourself.
The plans you laid down this January, if they are still hanging in the air, you still have all the time to put them together and start Now! Drop the Drop-ables in your ‘Mind-Bag’ and Repack!


We are in a new month and yes it’s time to start new records.
I was listening to Serena Williams yesterday after her Win, she said in her speech, ‘I went to the court (field) with a Racket, A Ball, and Hope….’ and she came back with a Trophy!  What are you entering February with?


That thing on your mind can happen if you so want it. Your Hope, Faith and Determination must be in the Pack to help out. Money is not the obstacle, imagine yourself in a no man’s land, won’t you give it all it takes to survive?  Stop waiting to be spoon-fed. I still say whatever DGV is today, started with just one sewing machine, and we are still on the way to somewhere beautiful. I still have my low and high days, but I keep pressing on, that’s the only medicine I have. My Faith, my Hope, my Hardwork, my Determination, my Focus, my Prayers too…. and when I get steps higher,  each time I look back thankful for that step and i keep going.


No one needs to cheer me, I know where i want to be, so I keep the gaze fixed.
Let your focus be strong enough to keep you moving.
Any field you find yourself, make your own Stand out.
Have a beautiful month and when you look back few days into this February, Be sure you can smile and give yourself a nod of ‘Welldone’


Don’t wait for others’ approval, when the dream gets real, they will join your band!


Start today, start Now. Repack that Mind-Bag, carry in it only what you need. And watch out for the Trophy! !!.

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Bricks On The Way…….? Turn Them To Ladders

It’s a good feeling even before putting this down, I feel so good about it and I know you will, by the time you are done reading through; for yourself and maybe someone else as well.☺
   I often hear many reasons (excuses) especially when I meet people and they tell me why and why they haven’t been able to cross some bridges on their achievement path. Well ,I tag them excuses because I know, to the willing and ready mind, nothing is difficult. 👌
   Of course, the challenges will and must come, or how do you test your strength? …. But when they come,  how do you tackle?
I recall speaking to a gathering of youths at an empowerment launch recently, if you are not ready to empower yourself, no matter what grant or support you get from anywhere, it will remain useless. We all have bricks on our way, it’s now up to you to allow it trip you or make it stepping stones.
       I will always insist,  no situation is bad enough to make anyone lose their heads, while some others in worse conditions are keeping theirs head held high.
Face your future with Courage and Confidence. Have Focus. This is so important. If you don’t know where you are going,  how do you want to get there?  While waiting for that job, get yourself equipped for anything that may happen. It doesn’t mean you are pessimistic, it only makes you a Prepared Soldier.
If you spend months waiting for something  to happen, are those waiting weeks adding to your self value?
When people complain it’s expensive to add value,  but it’s not expensive to renew their data subscriptions, hair, phones, other gadgets and more. It only tells me the value such a person put on themselves already. Those liabilities will fade with time, you’ll only be left with the assets you choose to equip yourself with.
Get those bricks off your way and keep stepping up! 👈 The future only belong to those who are taking the risks now and building their growth foundation with the bricks on their ways.
………………………………… DGV. ……..

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