When you start a business, the main goal is to grow it to some level you have dreamt of or according to your business plan. Now, growing this business is easier to imagine than achieved especially as a small business owner.

Different situations and circumstances will give you hiccups on the path to growing the business. Today i will be sharing with you 4 tips that will help if you use them well.

I have used this tip for years in my businesses and I can say, they are indeed magically helpful if you are truthful to yourself in analysing them alongside your business goals and plans.

We will be using the same word GROW to break down the steps .





Let’s break this down.

GOAL- ask yourself this question- What Do You Want To Do?

It sounds simple, but have you realised that when you ask people what they want, a high percentage of them reply with what they do not want. The natural mind is tuned somehow.

We know what you don’t want. You don’t want to fail, you don’t want the business to be slow, you don’t want customers who don’t pay but the main question is – What do you want specifically?

You want the business to grow? How big? What are the numbers you want to be recording? It is so easy to dream it, put it down in facts and figures. Don’t carry imaginary dreams in your head. Analysing them in details gives you clarity.

2. REALITY- This point is so KEY in the present day economy. What you want vs reality. What is happening now vs what you want. You will need to find a balance point with this.

Apart from economic factors, other surrounding factors apply.

What is happening in your business environment? Study and analyse to make your business growth easier.

I have had reasons to drop prices when I needed more money to break even in My business.

– dgvstyles

You need money but the economy is tight and sales are slow. To move sales up, you might want to drop some prices to attract more customers at the end of the day you will make sales and have some break even points.

Another part of reality is to sell what they need and want to buy not just what you want to sell.

3. OPTIONS – ask yourself- What can I do? What are the available options? There is no hard fast rule for success. Different routes lead to your destination.

Have options. Plan A ,B ,C and D. If this blocks, I will take another route and keep moving.

Lack of options is what causes stagnation when you experience the first roadblock in business. And really there are lots of roadblocks on the way.

4. WILL. – What will you do? What can you do?

If I will be fair I sharing a secret with you, this question has helped me a lot in my career growth. I ask myself before a problem happens- “What if this and this happens, what will I do?.”

In all sincerity, it has helped me prepare for some bad situations, of course the unexpected will always pop its head but you always having an idea of what to do , will help you cushion a lot of things.

If you can take few minutes today, analyse these 4 points and you will see how you can plan your business differently.

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Private classes now available both at the college and Online.

This gives you the freedom of doing your main job while you develop side skills.

The class allows you choose topics you are comfortable with alongside developing the business skills.

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The 4 types of measuring tape you need in your sewing room

As a tailor, fashion designer, seamstress or seamster, you need to consider having this measuring tools to make your projects easier to handle at any given time.

I’m already certain you have an idea of what a measuring tape should be like. Also remember we have different textures and brands of these tapes.

Buy the ones that will last longer. And buy different types that will come in handy whenever you need them.

1. The regular 60 inches with cm on reverse side for easy conversions

2. 80 inches, don’t limit yourself to 60. Save yourself the stress off adding up measurements

3. 120 inches is a plus. Especially if you will be sewing beddings/ curtains.

4. Retractable taperule- your easy Carry on tool everywhere you go

Refund or I drag you…

If you’ve not been in this shoes, and you own a business in naija I must say – Una Wehdone o.

I wish I could say may it never happen to you. But, knowing fully well that success stories comes with a lot of sides we don’t want to share with the public. I will say, what for it. Its not a curse, its the reality.

What happens when such things come up.

Okay, as a consumer and customer to other businesses, I will say no one is at fault really. Its always a battle of one side vs the other.

Either the client is the one at fault, trying to give the vendor a bad image due to some reasons known to them alone.

You will be surprised, some business owners set customers against their competitors in the name of pulling them down, for them to rise and shine better.

Same way, sometimes it’s the business owners who take up jobs they clearly can’t deliver and call for these unnecessary dragging.

Then we have these instances when no-one is at fault, but the 2 parties just can’t clearly understand and manage the simple situation till it gets out of hand.

Have you been there? What did you do?

If you ask me, oh yeah I have been there and in all occasions, I’ve ensured my part is well delivered to a good level of justification. The clients of course may not accept but I want a case where you hear the story and I can boldly say- I did my part.

I happened to work on a project a while ago which involved a 3rd party organisation. Things happened, clearly out of my control and the affected people were threatening fire and brimstone. I just dey observe, did what I could and left the rest.

Should this push you out of business?
Of course NO! You will likely face more troubles, they are the hurdles you cross to get to the top.

Just be fit and good to go. The more you scale, the better you get at managing your business.

Have a productive weekend.

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How to Say No To Free Jobs as a Business owner

You will encounter people who ask fro free jobs in the name of publicity and promotions, no doubt. But, the question is – is it okay to keep accepting and giving in to it?

In my early years of starting my fashion business, I met a lot, I mean a whole lot of these people and I will share my personal take on this with you. Take the part that works for you and leave out the ones you don’t want .

There are influencers and celebrities, they do a lot in helping your business grow. As a new business owner, enter this kind of engagement with caution. Except you have a lot of financial reserve and can afford running the business for a while without expecting detailed profit.

Free Jobs mean zero profit, don’t forget. Free Jobs can help you but not at the detriment of the main goal of the business.

Don’t use too many of them in the name of getting famous. You are not the only one they are asking for the same privileges.

The part that baffles me is, the same people wear and flaunt ,they even advertise for foreign brand names all in the name of “I Belong and I wear luxury” – these brands don’t pay them but they’re happy to do free advert why?

These brands took time to grow their products, their brands and they became a name everyone wants to reckon with.

Have you done the same for your business for just 12 months?

What new thing have you added to your business in the past 6 months?

What improvements are you looking at in the next 3 months?

If you don’t have a good product everyone wants to have, the fame will only make your name ring in their ears, give you likes and followers but not paying customers.

In my business early years, I worked with a lot of celebrities and I realised if care is not taken you may keep attracting the wrong audience.

The willing ones assume your brand is for rich people alone. Or they feel they just can’t afford you.

Some assume you must be too busy for ordinary people like them.

On and on.

Learn to say no, if you want your business to grow.

The video below has some tips for you.

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How to stop your threads from breaking when sewing .

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Sewing with a wrong Needle

As fun as sewing is, we all know when the frustration sets in…

• Thread cutting

• fabric puckering

And so on……

What could be the cause?

At the fashion college – Ibadancity Fashion College- we had an instructor who was nicknamed “Mr Change your needle ” he would tell anyone who came to ask him to fix their sewing machines if they had changed the needle.

He understood that many problems come from using a wrong needle to sew, and this leads to other small issues.

No matter how beautiful or strong your sewing machine is, the needle can make it malfunction if any of the following happens.

Using Dull Needles

How often do you change your needles?

If you are constant on your machine, try to use a new needle daily if possible. It’s not costly, so it’s a low maintenance issue.  It saves you a lot of stress. Dull needles pucker the fabric and can cause real damages to soft fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin even some cotton fabrics.

Bent Needles

Will keep hitting your machine and making strange sounds. The danger of this is it can cause damages to the sewing machine plates.

Wrong Size and Wrong type of needle

We have different brands and these brands may have the same sizes, the fineness of the sizes differ. A size 16 violin (brand) is different from a size 16 butterfly or orange brand etc. It’s safe to have different brands and sizes in your haberdashery.

If you’re not using industrial sewing machine, HA type is most suitable, although you can settle for DB, DP is also common In the market but the problem of DP is its too strong for some machines and fabrics.

Know Your Tools – it makes your work easier and smoother.

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We are not all in the sewing business for money. Right? Some of us are here only to learn how to make clothes for ourselves, our family and make the necessary amendments when needed without having to go look for a tailor.

If you’re in a country where getting tailor isn’t as easy as it is in other countries, most especially developed countries. You don’t like the idea of booking appointments, or the nature of your work doesn’t give the time, how can you blend this in?

Knowing how to take your measurements by yourself saves you a lot of stress.

Either when sewing or when you have to send your measurements to your tailors or choosing clothes online / in a store.

This video is as simple as ABC.

The guide is easy and you will see its really not a big deal getting a hang of it.

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How To Make Your Productivity Increase Always 

Either as a business owner, or employee, or employer. Even as a student, or stay-at-home worker, whatever category you fall into. The need for a rise in our productivity and efficiency is a normal pull on our daily routine. 

Most times each day we seek to make more of the next day, and sometimes the next day end up not being as fruitful as we imagined or expected. 

How do we get this sorted till we reach our desired goal. 

First of all, remember, you are not alone in this. Most people are in the same shoes. But if you don’t like anything, seek to change it. Maintaining status quo won’t bring the change you desire. 

The plan you make today, will bring the change you desire tomorrow.


 Sort out all your tasks first. Having clusters here and there to do may get you more confused and helpless. In order of priority, list them and mark one by one. I often list out clothes I want to make in the order of simplicity, sometimes I pick the difficult ones first , and other times the other way round, depending on the type of day it falls into. In prioritizing, don’t be rigid. Allow flexibility.  Always check the list as the day or the week goes, to see how far you have come. You may not meet the target when you start this, give yourself credits for every small accomplishment, it boosts YOU. 


After listing, plan how you intend achieving them. This enables you to know if your listing is okay or not. If you have an hour to work and you list 3 tasks that will take about 2 hours each to complete, you’ve already planned discouragement and failure alongside. Plan and be realistic with yourself. 


Wake up early and pursue your dream. Of course get enough sleep, but not excessively. Starting in time saves you a lot of stress.  You can’t change the number of hours in a day, but you can change how you spend them. 

4. LEFT FOOT FIRST? –  Sometimes starting with the most difficult task may give you a good sense of accomplishment. It could make all other tasks easier to handle. Consider you starting with the easy ones and later, you had to do the difficult ones, it may end up looking like you’re spending forever accomplishing them. Worst can come first to make the end look much better. 


Learning to control your time is like mastering your art. 

Even if our home is your office, for those working from home, this may seem difficult. But it’s a matter of marking your time well and getting it aligned with your plans. While at work, avoid distractions. Avoid unnecessary visits from friends, or gist hours that wastes your time.  They are small, but they creep in and waste the day.  And don’t pile up more than you know you can do. Work with your speed and time yourself. This gives you a good sense of productivity. I gained speed in sewing by learning to time myself. Thus i can foretell the hours each task can take. 


Work flows well when you maintain a positive attitude. Let your mind dwell on positivity all day. Allowing negative thoughts sink in will play down your morale. You need all the vibes you can get to increase your productivity. Many times I surround myself with music that boosts me up on loud play , it allows me feel good about myself and I definitely achieve more. Whatever works for you, discover it and apply it. 

No matter what you do, getting better makes it all better. Don’t be the type that gets satisfied with little achievements. Look up and ahead always. Work it daily. I never want to go to bed without adding a new knowledge. Especially for someone in a career that does more teaching or taking others through certain things. You need a constant refill. So if you critically look at it. Your work involves a little bit of giving something out. Be on constant refill. 



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THE Shirt Anatomy 101


……. An all time Classic for the gents and ladies. It’s one fashion item that almost everyone has in their wardrobe. 

Fashion statements can be made when you style your shirt well and make it unique. Your creative eye is reflected on the look and the styling as a fashion student or fashion designer. In Fashion designing, you have the freedom of styling your shirts and bringing in different innovations. One good attribute of a good designer is the ability to be able to change the look of each fabric and work it into a perfectly matching style. Each shirt fabric makes a statement.  You must know what it’s saying and how to play it out.  


Shirt for men can become a boring uniform if not well played out. 

Knowing how to work on some areas of this garment brings it uniqueness out. Like the yoke, shoulder and sleeve, redefining these parts can really change the appearance of your entire outfit. A particular part of the front you can’t overlook is – the sleeve placket. It can be touched up and styled to create a classy effect or a color pop effect. 



  • Collar: The neckline of the garment, often sewn as to fold or roll over. Comes in various shapes, depending on the face shape and occasion. You should know the various types and their classifications, this will help and make your design suitable for the occasion your client needs them for. 
  • Yoke: That shaped piece of fabric below the neck and shoulders, from which the rest of the garment hangs. It can be split in two, called the “split-yoke.” Or overlapped. The overlapped yoke is easy to style and can come in lovely cut out designs. 
  • Placket front: A standard shirt front or the cover for the sleeve slit, usually lapped left over right for men, and vice versa for women. Easier stated ‘ left side up for men and right side up for women’. “That’s the dressmaker’s rhyme at out college”
  • Fly front or Concealed front- A flap of material down one side f the front opening of a garment to conceal buttons.
  • Sleeve placket: A distinctive feature that is sewn on the sleeve; the opening of the sleeve fabric near the cuff.
  • Cuff: A fold or band serving as a trimming or finish for the bottom of a sleeve. Some cuff styles include French cuffs and barrel cuffs, Neapolitan, rounded, one button, 2-buttons, angle cuts etc…..


anatomy of  the back

The back is not much of stress but as a designer you will want your client to make a cool statement even when they turn their backs. Don’t overdo the details, ensure it fits the fabric style and occasion. If the fabric is loud, take it easy on the detailing. 

  • Back collar height: The part of the collar that is folded over 
  • Yoke: As stated earlier. 
  • Hang loop: A piece of fabric sewn into the yoke seam that allows the shirt to be hung at this point.
  • Side pleats: Single fabric folds at the other parts of the shirt back. Not so much in style again but doesn’t mean it can’t be played with. Especially when sewing for Plus Size, this comes in helpful. 
  • Box pleat front: A double fabric fold, with the material folded under at each side at the back center of a shirt. Also can be a help out when making Plus Sized shirts. 
  • Hem: The finished lower edge of the shirt body.
  • Tail: The part of a shirt below the waistline.

Play your collar around and get your clients always looking unique. We have different collars some are – classic; spread; Button Down; Club; Mandarin; Wing Tip; and lots more…..

Don’t just Sew. Know what you are sewing and get your designing skills up the ladder.  

IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE OFFERS A MASTERCLASS FOR 4/6/8 WEEKS ON SHIRTMAKING. where you can sharpen your SHIRTMAKING skills and make some good numbers of different types and styles of both male and female shirts.



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