How to style up for harmattan in Nigeria

Hows the weather in your area? If you’re not a Nigerian, you cannot appreciate harmattan. I mean, that’s about the coldest season we have when some are enjoying winter chills.

During this season, the weather is dry and a bit cold in the early and late hours. The afternoon sun is however not kidding cos it gets so hot.

You see why I said you can’t deal with this if you’re not Nigerian. Yet we enjoy the combo weather so much that we want long sleep during this season.

Back to our style talk, how do you dress up and make the best of this once in a year brief season.

If you’re like me, it’s the time to dig up those layered clothes and rock them.

A perfect season for kimonos.

Why Kimonos? Because they are your best friend when the weather does a bipolar switch by noon. Just pull off your overall and enjoy in your summer top and pants 👖 or slacks. Leggings are great choices, get the rooms that won’t show off your inner wears especially if you’re going to workplace.

What can you wear under your kimonos long and short?

1. Shorts and tops

2. Leggings and tops

3. Midi dresses

4. Short dresses

5. Long dresses

The list goes on. Just style up and look amazing for yourself.

Don’t forget to use some cool fragrances, smell good hmmmmmmm.

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I searched my wardrobe frantically and saw that as a a lover of dark colors, majority of My clothes are falling in the same range.

Not a good idea for a fashionista

Are you like me?

Or should we do a wardrobe check to know if you also have a majority of some colour line.

It’s cool to try on some new colors.

For me, certain colors lift my spirits and I am certainly not the only one.

I didn’t like pink, but at a recent event I wore pink and Girl!!!! I felt really cool and sweet.

This season has some new color trends. Muted colors is on the rise. It means a lighter or a bit duller shade of the bright colors.

I love Mustard Yellow in particular. Its really beautiful, oozes some confidence, and gives you that “Boss Chic” style.

Here are my picks for the week as seen on the net. You could try some out. And if you need any of these as a ready to wear. Feel free to contact me. I deliver worldwide.

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Stay pretty, stay beautiful.

Seasons greetings


You’ve often heard the phrase ” he / she looks put together “. It’s comes up when you see someone looking all “set”. Nothing missing , nothing broken so to say kinda look. A look that matches the time it’s being used. In case you don’t know , there are many ways you can look out of place, over or under dressed for an outing.

Create an impression when you enter a place. When you appear put together, you ooze self confidence. You intimidate your fear. Something about you is walking head held high.


  1. KEEP YOUR NAILS WELL GROOMED. – especially ladies, there is something catchy about well manicured nails and pretty nail polish. I’ve noticed people notice. I’ve at many times got compliments on it. And that tells me, people are watching every part of you. It tells them more about your personality.
  2. YOUR LIPS – avoid keeping chapped lips. Your lipstick or lib gloss is an accessory too. They have a way of brightening your appearance and balancing your look.
  3. YOUR BROWS FRAME YOUR FACE. some horrible looking eyelashes can cause wrong eye movements when you are talking to someone. Some brows look like they’ve been drawn with ruler.
  4. YOUR HAIR MATTERS- you just can’t afford having bad hair days all the time. Get your hair done well.
  5. SUNGLASSES- you can’t achieve that look of being put together if you keep squinting. If need be due to weather etc, use sunglasses. Squinting makes you look funny. Look chic, especially when it’s an outdoor event. Sunglasses gives you that look.
  6. HOW YOUR CLOTHES FIT. – the fit of your clothes make or mar you. Dress to suit your body shape. Don’t be too body conscious, wear what makes you look and feel good. And appear smart.
  7. HOW YOU SPEAK – your words should be well seasoned. It says a lot when it comes to first impressions. Select your words carefully. Try to leave an impression of an intelligent and beautiful person.
  • Wherever you get to, everyone draws their impression based on how you make them to. And this conclusion is drawn in the first few minutes they meet you. Not all judgements are perfect , but when you step out. Let everything about you speak even before you utter a word. And when you speak, may your words match the impression you are trying to pull. So help you God.

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