How to style up for harmattan in Nigeria

Hows the weather in your area? If you’re not a Nigerian, you cannot appreciate harmattan. I mean, that’s about the coldest season we have when some are enjoying winter chills.

During this season, the weather is dry and a bit cold in the early and late hours. The afternoon sun is however not kidding cos it gets so hot.

You see why I said you can’t deal with this if you’re not Nigerian. Yet we enjoy the combo weather so much that we want long sleep during this season.

Back to our style talk, how do you dress up and make the best of this once in a year brief season.

If you’re like me, it’s the time to dig up those layered clothes and rock them.

A perfect season for kimonos.

Why Kimonos? Because they are your best friend when the weather does a bipolar switch by noon. Just pull off your overall and enjoy in your summer top and pants 👖 or slacks. Leggings are great choices, get the rooms that won’t show off your inner wears especially if you’re going to workplace.

What can you wear under your kimonos long and short?

1. Shorts and tops

2. Leggings and tops

3. Midi dresses

4. Short dresses

5. Long dresses

The list goes on. Just style up and look amazing for yourself.

Don’t forget to use some cool fragrances, smell good hmmmmmmm.

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For every closure in your garment there is an opening. Ironically, the same principle applies to life. But today we are focusing on sewing.

How many types of closure and openings can you handle. At least, these few ones here, you should be able to handle them as a fashion student or fashion designer.

What Are Openings And Closures?

Openings and closures are the spaces you leave on garments made to allow for wearing and removing. These openings are closes in different ways as you choose or as suits your design.

Let’s examine a few-

FACING – easy to handle and one of the basic opening techniques you learn and master as a fashion designer. It is sewn by cutting fabric of same shape around the neckline but shorter than the garment. It’s few inches long, and flipped inside or outside the garment as the design calls for.

This is made by a slit and sewing on fabric cuts to make the placket. Same or contrasting fabrics can be used to achieve this.

Hemmed openings is about the simplest, but one needs to be extra careful to avoid stretching the curves thereby giving excess. The fabric is folded in twice and sewn. As much as it appears simple, it can go wrong if care is not taken. This type is best used when working with sheer fabrics, delicate fabrics etc.

FALSE PLACKET- as the name suggests, it’s just a placement for fashion sake. It’s not exactly an opening, but sewn on the garment to give an appearance of one.

BIAS BOUND- using BIAS cut fabrics or bias tape / ribbons to finish the garment opening. It can be done inwards or outward. When sewing this, avoid stretching the bias fabric/ tape and the fabric. Stretching either of this will equally alter the size of the opening originally planned. And may cause gaping.

FLY OPENING -for zipper closures. It’s a layover kind of opening. Used mostly on trousers but not for trousers only, can be used in skirts, blouses, dresses, etc.

This openings are on the seam lines. Side, back, shoulder etc. Any type of zipper can be used. But the use of invisible zippers is common with this type of opening in menswear lately.

OVERLAPPED OPENINGS as seen in wraps or surplice designs, jackets, tops, and more. This can be used in a way it works with the design you are working on.

BACK OPENINGS- who doesn’t know a back opening? No one. Simply and can be used among side facing, bias bound, false placket, zippers on and on. When making garments won’t high front neckline and you want to avoid zippers, back opening can be used and closed with fasteners of your choice. – hook and eye, snaps, etc.

GATHERED/ DRAWSTRING – commonly seen in off shoulder maxi tops and dresses, or any other kind of garment. Here little excess are drawn together to make the opening firm. Also used in finishing skirts, trousers etc.

The art of sewing is a constant lesson. Don’t stop learning.


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​Sewing can be fun, real fun I mean. And sometimes it gets boring, when you feel you need some spices to prep it up a bit. Being in the industry for close to 2 decades, I’ve come to realise a part of sewing that makes many of us feel we’re on a constant ‘track replay & repeat’; Neckline.   

If you go through your designs or wardrobe, you may realise that most of your clothes have similar necklines, especially the most common,  – round neckline. When sewing, being able to play around neckline designs has its own way of making the designs stand out. Sometimes it’s about how you place the fabric designs to align with the neckline cut, other times its the design you come up with in cutting the neckline shape. 

Bringing your creativity to play is an essential tool. 

If you have been the type on one or 2 neckline styles, take the challenge and try something new. Do paper cuts to be sure you are getting it well. Remember, measure twice (or even more) Cut Once. 

When designing for body shapes, necklines have a way of playing up or playing down body shapes. Personally I have seen V – necklines as a tool to make some body shapes appear slimmer and we’ll structured. It’s like a makeup contour. If you know how to do it, you are on the way to getting your clients asking for more.

Sweetheart neckline has variations you can always play around too. Depending on the body structure, especially the upper body structure. 

Strapless selects body types, as seen on  1 & 2. The bust and shoulder shape should determine which fits who. To avoid too much pulling up in public or accidental wardrobe malfunction, play safe with a lace up back. It keeps it firm. For any kind of bust shape, lace-up will be comfy.

Court, Bateau, Hug Shoulder and halter – variations I love playing with especially when designing casual wear. Court works for many body types, only be cautious when working the down and across measurements on the neckline. To avoid it falling off if the user doesn’t have a broad back and broad chest to work with. Hug shoulder disguises heavy upper body if you know how to style it. Halters happens to fall into a Shaped neckline or  U-Shape. Which slims down some face shapes. Make it deep enough to avoid it sticking up too much. To get the depth of your V – necklines accurately, place rape measure on the shoulder line where the neck opening will likely be and slant it down to where the V will slant to.

The beauty of neckline versatility is not a topic to push aside of you want your  designs standing out. 

Try out a neckline design you haven’t worked with and let some magic start. You could have different one for back and front. And observe how your facial structure changes with different necklines.  

To avoid mistakes, cut on paper or work with toile to see how it goes. It’s advisable you practice new designs before attempting them on your projects directly. Better safe than sorry. 

When designing to suit body types, another area to consider is the sleeves. It has a good contouring advantage if you play it well. For those who want to hide arms, sleeves longer than elbow lengths make them appear slimmer. 

Before the makeup contours, your styling can do that perfectly. As a fashion designer or stylist, you need more than the knowledge of sewing ro keep your clients coming back. If you know the secrets of playing their body shapes well, you’ve won more than a client.

Designing involves styling as your clients trust you on their looks and how they will pull impression on the public in your outfits. 

Renew your skills and reach for more. It’s 2017, don’t work with past years skills. The field is getting more competitive, only the unique ones good at their skill will stand out. Anyone that wants to spend now, want to spend on what will worth it. May your designs be what everyone wants. 



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