When I was younger, the term ” self employed” sounded so fascinating, i really couldn’t wait to start and own my own businesses, yes the plural because I wanted to do a whole lot more than whatever I am doing now.

Being self employed is not as smooth as it sounds, especially when it means you work almost round the clock. It’s juicy parts also comes with its own perks and advantages, so on the days you feel low, those thoughts keep the ball rolling.

Let us leave the business life talk for a minute and talk about the real reason this post attracted you here. I guess, you are about to start a fashion business or you have just started one. With my experience so far, what can I say you should and should not do as a startup fashion business owner.

You want to own a fancy store, have amazing clients or customers, make a lot of money, all the pictures are vividly painted in your mind.

Now as you start setting up, all the pictures will start dropping a ‘buy me’ ‘buy me’ chorus in your head. The most logical thing to do before you ‘waste’ all your startup fund ( -by waste- I mean spend it on what you like but not what is presently needed by the business), is to have a list of all the things you would love to buy, list it all out.

After making this list, start by looking critically at each one and strike out the ones you will not be using daily. your business will grow and you will have time to buy more, don’t use all the start up funds to buy what you will need later.

Another thing to note is – if you cannot afford a store / shop, start from home. what will be the point of you renting a space you cannot pay for with the proceeds from the business.

Not everyone you see making millions in business shows you what they are doing.

You are not in business to show off, you are here to make profits not just money. if you will start from home, ensure you make it comfortable as possible so it doesn’t bore you out.

Our next point is – Know that every customer that walks in is not your lifelong customer, do not fight to please them at the detriment of the business. People will ask for ridiculous discounts, emergency deliveries and more…., if it works for you, do it, if it stresses you, be kind enough to yourself to leave it out.

if you are planning to go into ready-to-wear, think about having loads of clothes on the rack with no one buying them before you start. Spend more time building your client base, with adverts, videos and things that will attract them to you first.

last point for today will be, Never stop developing yourself, your skills and your knowldege base. i have been in this industry more than 20 years and i never go a day without trying to learn something new, not just for myself but also to teach my students at Ibadancity Fashion College. it keeps you fresh, it keeps you updated and knowledgeable when talking to others about what you know.

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Not everyone has the luxury of sufficient time to allow them settle in for certain skill acquisition programmes. And you have it on your mind to tick this as part of your goals for this year? How can this happen?

We have Specially Designed Programmes built to suit someone like you. it works perfectly with your time and schedule.

And we are just a dial away. Reach us today on +234-808-106-7070 or on whatssap +234-902-426-7637.

Available Courses for this type of programme includes –

  1. MEASUREMENT CLASSES – this is a 1 week short course for those planning to go into fashion business as just business owners. you learn the art of unisex measurement which is the core of tailoring. Anyone can sew for you if you can measure perfectly. Not all tailors you will hire will understand the art of accurate measurement, neither will they be able to go out with you to measure your clients. You may not want to expose your clients to your workers too (another tip for you) if you can get this correctly, working with tailors will be easier both for you and your tailors. This class handles measurement and guides to generating sizes for your ready to wear line. course fee – #20,000
  2. BUSINESS OF FASHION/ BUSINESS 101 – is a 2 – 4 weeks entrepreneurship class formulated for existing and aspiring fashionpreneurs and entrepreneurs in othe fields. Courses covered are Entrepreneurship based: business development, Business Tools, Costing, Business Plan and Pitching, Time Management and business growth and a whole lot more. This class gives you access to the CBN (CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA) AGSMEIS no collateral loan for entrepreneurs which is up to 10 million naira with 7 years repayment plan at 5% interest rate. COURSE FEE #30,000/#40,000.

We have more course to suit your request. just reach us today.




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Going Global. – Ibadan To The World

Last weekend was a jolly one for us. As we had the honor and pleasure of showcasing our works all the way in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

The event, organized by Cancel Cancer Africa. Was aimed at raising funds in creating awareness on cancer spread in Africa, in order to help our country people get more light and education on cancer.

Being a part of this show this year is medal we will cherish.

Our students at Ibadancity Fashion College had the great privilege of showcasing their designs on the International runway.

Raising global fashionpreneurs is our watchword. And we’re keeping up the game daily.

Being a part of a great cause in a fashionable way…. and we’re set to go all the way in supporting this cause even as we reach more communities and raise funds with our skills.

Be a part too and together , we can.

Remember, early detection saves lives. The more people know they can get help, the better the chances of survival and overcoming it. We support Cancel Cancer Africa.






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How To Create Style That Works For Your Body Type

You are YOU. Client A is Client A. This should click and settle in first. Because one of the major problems we have with ourselves, or styling our clients is assuming A can wear what B is wearing, when they both have different body types. What works for you, won’t work for me. We are different, we have different body types, we have different skin tones and undertones.

Even when your clients insist they want to wear what you know won’t suit them, what do you do? It can be a hard task trying to convince a client on what you think suits their body type. But the knowledge you have is important, asides that, how you present it to them matters and goes a longer way.

Know their body shape. Have a deep knowledge about all body shapes. Know how to convey what you want to say respectfully, without insinuating anything that might upset them. Everyone is sensitive about their body, especially women. A right message passed a wrong way might go a bad lane.

Their choice of style should work with their body shape to give that flattering effect.

Clothes will flatter you best of it suits your body type

Looking good is not about your size or shape issues, it about how the design can flaunt the flaunt-ables and conceal the conceal-ables. Hiding the parts you want to hide and showing off the graceful side.

Following the latest trends?

before you skip after the latest trend, ask yourself ” Does it suit me?” “Does it make me comfortable?”

Don’t go out looking all worked up, uncomfortable and itching to get out of the clothes you spent so much on. Go for comfort and confidence. Best match!

The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress. – Hubert de Givenchy

The aim of dressing yourself or a client is simple – creating the illusion of a well balanced body. A common problem women have is, placing emphasis on particular areas. The common problem zones are – Tummy, arms, backside, thighs. Simply focusing on these parts alone clouds your dressing and styling judgement. You are a whole body. There is something beautiful you want to show off, get that right.

If your client wants to conceal their tummy, they may have great legs to show off. Don’t go overboard concealing the tummy by making the clothes tight. This makes the tummy bulge eventually in wrong and obvious places. A shift dress properly styled is magical for anyone with that problem.

play up some parts to distract the viewers and give yourself or your client new look to play with al the time. As a fashion designer,Once you can gain a clients confidence in selecting styles for them, you have won them totally. This won’t happen by arguments or you trying to prove to them what you feel is right. It comes with wisdom and you, proving you know what you know well!

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It’s a trend and a rising 🌊 wave; everyone knows someone who has left the country in recent times, or the entire family that has relocated. We hear it’s a comeback trend that happened in the 80s, and when the circumstances came to replay itself, Andrews are checking out. We all need better lives, comfort and all good things. If that’s in your plan too, all good. But, before you do, take something along…….

For some reasons, Skill is a prerequisite for some applications. Have you thought about it? If they are looking for some skilled people, and you’re not planning to bag a skill certificate before leaving, what chances are you opening up for yourself.

It won’t be safe enough to get there and wish you had learnt a skill before leaving, medicine after death. It’s still what many people who relocated are saying. You have the chance now, why not tap it.

It’s a good and safe backup plan, which you can couple with other things to make ends meet and get yourself rooted in your new territory.

Skills are many, you would need to examine yourself and think of the one you know you will love doing. After that, look for the best place to learn it, that will give you the leverage there. We make it a duty point at Ibadancity Fashion College to tailor the classes of relocating students to exactly what they need. If you want to see outside Nigeria, you don’t need all areas of sewing. You need what will sell there.

After choosing where to learn, if time permits you, take certification exams to give you a better standing in case you get a related job. For example we offer national and international certification courses to help you. (NABTEB, CITY & GUILDS …. )

Try to specialize. Take a course you can handle and spend the time you have to learn specializing on it.

Don’t move without plans. Don’t move based on hopes alone. Especially if you’re moving as a family, one parent or a child above 15 can take this option. You will definitely be glad you did.






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Been a while here. We were making some changes and yes we will give the details in full soon.

Our topic today is aimed at helping individuals who started off with a passion for sewing and on the way decided to make it a business. As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs started off this way. So it is no crime, and you are not alone.

As long as there is a starting point. Then you are good to go.

Your passion should get you to a place where it should fetch you some good profits.

So let’s assume, you have started off sewing just for the passion of it, but now it’s beginning to look like there is more light shining somewhere at the end the tunnel, which you wish to pursue and achieve.

Let’s take a quick look at steps you should give thoughts to.

  1. Self Assessment stage. – a sincere stage, we must say. Get your skills assessed by no one but YOU! You can’t afford to deceive yourself into investing time and resources into what you won’t be honest about. How good are you? How fast can you be at meeting targets and deadlines. How much of the sewing do you really know – sincerely. ??? Take a look at other competitors you have at this stage, and weigh your skills with theirs. Remember it is a highly competitive market.

  2. How often do you get compliments on the clothes you have made for yourself? Definitely, before you decided to give the sewing business a push, you definitely must be your first client. How often do you get people asking you about the outfits you have made. We have a common phrase at the college (Ibadancity Fashion college ) ; and it’s – if they ask you who made it or where you made it, you are doing good enough, but when they ask you where you bought it, start clapping for yourself. When it starts looking bought, you are making waves – believe it.

3. Is your skill or potential in demand? How many people have you attracted with the works you have done so far? And how many people have they told about you. You can never push aside the ‘word of mouth’ advertisement in this business of fashion. It goes a longer way.

4. How can the business you are about to start fit into your lifestyle?

You can’t afford to start it, if you can’t maintain it. – how can your existing lifestyle accommodate the new found passion? Don’t just dangle into it, weigh the Pros and Cons.

The physical challenges that comes with sewing business is much. Can you handle it?

Sitting and standing for long hours? Can you handle it ?

Client management? They can be real trouble at times. How well prepared are you for the worst clients?

Your location? For example if you want to start at home, how easy will it be for your clients? Or what other alternative arrangements are you making to connect with your potential clients ?

How much are you willing to invest into the business?

The equipments and tools you would want to buy? How well are you familiar with the ones that will last. And serve you well.

These and more are few of the factors you would want to consider before delving into the business. Plan well if you’re not planning to fail.

No business should be started without thorough planning. Your plans are the ladders you climb up and the bricks you build with.

If you are still planning to check out a Fashion school with the facilities and facilitators that will make these dreams real? Consider IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE. our reputation remains unbeaten. The Leading Fashion School in Oyo State.

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I Think I Love Designing Clothes…

You think you love designing clothes? Yes YOU!

Passion doesn’t really leave us no matter how hard we try to suppress it. As long as it is genuine passion, it keeps popping out staring you wide eyed every moment. Especially when some tiny streaks of frustration sets in. Buzzing you with thoughts like,- “why am I doing this job, I could have followed my passion all along “, “am I really fulfilled?”, “I think I am made for more…”, “I just feel empty like something is missing, I need to discover more” ……

Thoughts like these are pointers to the truths you try to hide. No matter how hard you put up a sweet face, unfulfilled dreams can’t hide for long.

If the header struck you. Then, something has been calling you into the Fashion line. Heed and watch yourself evolve into something beautiful and great.

As a child, many of us fell in love with fashion, clothes and magazines are intriguing to us, you had the dream of communicating through the art of Fashion. You need to know that, the potential to excel is already inborn. And makes you better than those opting for it out of no-choice.

To pursue this dream, you may just start where you are while you prepare for the bigger picture. Don’t wait for the perfect time. It may never come. Grab all the suitable time you are opportune to get and Maximize it.

Build your interest. Explore and discover the many opportunities in birthed in you, untapped. And the many opportunities in the industry. Exploiting this areas is to help you build and have an edge quickly.

Remember you are doing what others are doing. The way you build and work on your craft is what makes you different.

So, work on your steps as you move towards working to get your dreams materialize. Get a good fashion class. And learn learn learn.

Ibadancity Fashion College. Offers all Fashion related courses. In full and part time.

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Sewing is fun. Yes we that Sew, know. But, once in some times, little things can make you cranky while working on your projects.

Today, we have some saving tips for you. You need them and surely, they will help you a whole lot. Don’t just read alone, share with a friend that sews too.

Many a times, the thread just refuses to cooperate with you when you want to fix it, due to different conditions. You’re not alone. There’s a very simple hack to make this stop.

Your Hairspray! That spray is enough to help you stiffen the thread, and that makes the threading perfectly easier. ✅. Check that. And don’t forget.

•• Sewing gathers made easier. This will only work if you have or use a zigzag sewing machine. Get a knitting thread/wool. Place in the middle and run your loose zigzag stitches over it. Then pull the wool. There you have your easy and well laid gather. And every time you pull your gathers to the needed inches, always remember to run your regular firm stich over the line to make it stay and well laid. ✅

••• The Bar Soap and pins Magic.

If you have heard of emery bag in your sewing classes. It’s that bag that contains special dust to keep your pins sharp. There are times you would want to push the pins through some fabric layers and they just won’t go. If you can’t access the emery bag. Your soap could do the magic. You will be surprised!

That’s a license to no more bent and rusted full pins. ✅

To get sharp pointed edges. Trim twice. Trim the excess that creators bulk inside off.

We’ll pause here today and pick next time.

Stay connected.

Enquiries and Admissions.



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Presidential Aspirant, CEO Of Seigner Sabithos International visits Ibadancity Fashion College

The common saying; do great things, even if you live in a hole, more greatness will find you out. 

This week Ibadancity Fashion College had the great honor of hosting a Presidential Aspirant, Past President of JCI, Past President of Rotary International, a man of many caps – Senator Tunde Anifowose Kelani. 

In His words to the Principal Instructor of the College – Aderonke Olubanjo, “we are watching you, we see what you are doing, and we will give the supports in our capacity to encourage your contributions to the society at large”

Ibadancity Fashion College is the leading Fashion School in Ibadan. The college started off 7 years ago as DGV Fashion Academy, and emerged into Ibadancity Fashion College after its national accreditation as a Technical College. 

The Fashion College has trained and raised hundreds of Fashion Entrepreneurs who are doing well in the city of Ibadan and all over Nigeria and beyond. 

The college, known for its high taste in delivering quality effective and fast training in fashion education has been on a constant rise. With a recent update of international affiliations and recognition locally and internationally. 

“Being recognized and honored by the honorable Senator is a Plus and we remain extremely grateful. We believe this will furthermore lead to college to some higher levels. Benefitting everyone.” – Principal Instructor. 

The rise of unemployment and job security is one of the many reasons Nigerians are finding a way out by learning Good Marketable Skills and Vocations. Instead of waiting for the government adjusting, before they do, make yourself different by Adding Values to yourself. 

No Skill is a waste. It comes in handy eventually. 

Don’t wait, maximize every moment you have and make it count. And if you will invest in your goals, follow the right lane. It makes the journey better and faster. 





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The 5 senses commonly known as – Sense of Sight; Touch; Sound; Smell and Taste. Are not just there for the Biology classes alone. They have roles to play in many aspects of our daily lives as we all know. 

But in the fashion industry, how do they come into action? 

Every design has a process. As a Fashion student or a fashion designer, you should be used to this. The process starts from the thought-stage, when it was just an idea to it’s final execution and display. This looks like a Brief sentence, but the stages can take  as long as the design takes, hours…..days….weeks……months……  

The design process applicable to different business development can also come to use in the Fashion workplace, the way you interpret it is up to your personal specifications. 

 This is a topic for another time. 
Today we are focusing on the 5 senses we were taught in school and how it helps our designs. 

Each of the five senses play a significant role in the process. And each should be considered if you always want professionalism take a key role in your fashion business. How you understand working with it is what matters now. 

When you get so passionate with your work, some things come easy. Same way in the process of the job, lots of lessons are learned and things get easier by and by. 

Let’s start with the sense of ……


There is no faster way to assess your works yourself, and by others, than how it appeals to the eyes. An appealing outfit /Fabric draws attention faster. We call them “eye candy”. You must activate the ability to know this and develop it. It matters when you want to consider display clothes. Either as store display or social media displays. At this stage, the finishing and other details come later, it must be able to attract the eye at first glance. 

How vibrant are your color choices?  

How the shapes and other factors align to create perfect attractiveness.?

How you work with the Contrasts. ? You must be dramatic with the way you work with contrasting colors to create pretty illusions. 

Next we have the …


After seeing, there are responses and results. He client or prospective clients will want to feel it. Either by trying it on or by touching to feel the texture. 

How the Fabric feels against their skin. 

If it’s soothing and smooth on the body. Or by touch. 

How the outfit lays on their body, how it conforms and makes them feel matters here. The more comfortable it feels, the better. This means, when shoooing for the resources, in your design process cycle, you have to put a lot into consideration. Don’t just buy because it’s attractive, touch and feel how it feels on the skin.   Soft or stiff? Smooth or rough? 


 The next sounds quite funny too. It is 

You start to wonder, what sound does your designs make? Apart from the sounds of details. There are sounds that remain inaudible, but let’s face the facts. Designs speak. If only you have the “ear” to hear it. Some great designers will tell you, when they see a lovely Fabric , it’s telling them ‘something’. Maybe we will call that an extra 6th sense 😉. 

But here let’s apply this to the ruffling sound the Fabric makes, it the clicks of the details attached to it, like beads and sequins and buttons. The rustling sound they make as you move. The rhythmic pattern of the blings on your garment, etc. why do we see an outfit and say it is loud? – it is definitely saying ‘something’. 

Consider the sounds your designs will make. On the stands and on the wearer. 

Next we have 


Scents are called ambience transformers. We have designers who make the scents of their stores attractive and peculiar to them. That you could almost link the air to them.  This will come into play in your design process when we consider the marketing and display duties. When a client enters your store, how appealing? It looks beautiful, does it smell good.? The way your store or workspace smells will transfer to the outfits too. It is called “psychological trigger” or “aromatherapy + Fashion”. Make the scents appealing enough to keep them till they make their purchases and even keep them coming back. 

And lastly , we have 


In the fashion world, we call them -Edible garments. Designs so sweet you could almost eat. Asides ‘Taste’ – that reflects how you follow the other 4 senses tastefully, choosing and making with a particular sense of purpose that fits some ‘Tastes’ or target customers. Sometimes you play around fashion by using edible items, although this is meant for runways or photoshoots alone. 

So In this sense, let’s settle for the first definition. If you are in an area, ensure your designs fits the taste of that area. You won’t kill your market if you obey your environment. Ignoring what works in your environment is like stabbing your market in the eye. Let your designs and taste match. In a student community, if you major on Couture, you may not hit the market in the eye the way you should. 

And ensure your designs are so good we can almost feel the flavor on our lips. 

 It is believed , we humans have more than 5 senses. Reach in and tap into all the senses you are gifted with. Even the ones you haven’t used before, they just may be somewhere waiting for full expression. 

The way you apply all you learn will influence the results you and others see. Don’t just be a regular in the fashion industry. Dare to be Different!

All designs featured in this article are made and modeled by fashion students of Ibadancity Fashion College. 

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Ibadancity Fashion College is the leading Fashion school in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria. 

Having raised hundreds of fashionpreneurs and still going stronger. Empowering youths and equipping them with skills to excel and  be outstanding in the skills learnt and career of their choice. Our classes are not only hands-on practicals and theory classes, but also loaded with Entrepreneurial classes to equip them as they learn on the go. We teach all fashion related courses and more. 

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