Refund or I drag you…

If you’ve not been in this shoes, and you own a business in naija I must say – Una Wehdone o.

I wish I could say may it never happen to you. But, knowing fully well that success stories comes with a lot of sides we don’t want to share with the public. I will say, what for it. Its not a curse, its the reality.

What happens when such things come up.

Okay, as a consumer and customer to other businesses, I will say no one is at fault really. Its always a battle of one side vs the other.

Either the client is the one at fault, trying to give the vendor a bad image due to some reasons known to them alone.

You will be surprised, some business owners set customers against their competitors in the name of pulling them down, for them to rise and shine better.

Same way, sometimes it’s the business owners who take up jobs they clearly can’t deliver and call for these unnecessary dragging.

Then we have these instances when no-one is at fault, but the 2 parties just can’t clearly understand and manage the simple situation till it gets out of hand.

Have you been there? What did you do?

If you ask me, oh yeah I have been there and in all occasions, I’ve ensured my part is well delivered to a good level of justification. The clients of course may not accept but I want a case where you hear the story and I can boldly say- I did my part.

I happened to work on a project a while ago which involved a 3rd party organisation. Things happened, clearly out of my control and the affected people were threatening fire and brimstone. I just dey observe, did what I could and left the rest.

Should this push you out of business?
Of course NO! You will likely face more troubles, they are the hurdles you cross to get to the top.

Just be fit and good to go. The more you scale, the better you get at managing your business.

Have a productive weekend.

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It’s been an amazing journey so far, from the kickoff days under the umbrella of DGV FASHION ACADEMY, until we evolved and matured into IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE packing all out accreditations and government approvals. The journey to the top is never easy, but with focus and determination, we all can. 

Ibadancity Fashion College remains the leading fashion school in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria.  Having trained and raised hundreds of students and entrepreneurs since inception and the job is not stopping . The rate of unemployment is not going down in the country, even the government on both state and federal levels are campaigning skill acquisition as a means to an end. 

Definitely not everyone can tour this path but as many as have the vision and passion, take it and make it work.

The fashion industry is one industry growing in leaps and bounds, and to the mind that can think wide, there is a lot more to be covered in this industry. 

Come Friday 21st April, the college will be unveiling a new set of graduates.  Fashionpreneurs well built, trained and tutored launched into the market and the growing industry of fashion and entrepreneurship to make their in waves. 

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