When you start a business, the main goal is to grow it to some level you have dreamt of or according to your business plan. Now, growing this business is easier to imagine than achieved especially as a small business owner.

Different situations and circumstances will give you hiccups on the path to growing the business. Today i will be sharing with you 4 tips that will help if you use them well.

I have used this tip for years in my businesses and I can say, they are indeed magically helpful if you are truthful to yourself in analysing them alongside your business goals and plans.

We will be using the same word GROW to break down the steps .





Let’s break this down.

GOAL- ask yourself this question- What Do You Want To Do?

It sounds simple, but have you realised that when you ask people what they want, a high percentage of them reply with what they do not want. The natural mind is tuned somehow.

We know what you don’t want. You don’t want to fail, you don’t want the business to be slow, you don’t want customers who don’t pay but the main question is – What do you want specifically?

You want the business to grow? How big? What are the numbers you want to be recording? It is so easy to dream it, put it down in facts and figures. Don’t carry imaginary dreams in your head. Analysing them in details gives you clarity.

2. REALITY- This point is so KEY in the present day economy. What you want vs reality. What is happening now vs what you want. You will need to find a balance point with this.

Apart from economic factors, other surrounding factors apply.

What is happening in your business environment? Study and analyse to make your business growth easier.

I have had reasons to drop prices when I needed more money to break even in My business.

– dgvstyles

You need money but the economy is tight and sales are slow. To move sales up, you might want to drop some prices to attract more customers at the end of the day you will make sales and have some break even points.

Another part of reality is to sell what they need and want to buy not just what you want to sell.

3. OPTIONS – ask yourself- What can I do? What are the available options? There is no hard fast rule for success. Different routes lead to your destination.

Have options. Plan A ,B ,C and D. If this blocks, I will take another route and keep moving.

Lack of options is what causes stagnation when you experience the first roadblock in business. And really there are lots of roadblocks on the way.

4. WILL. – What will you do? What can you do?

If I will be fair I sharing a secret with you, this question has helped me a lot in my career growth. I ask myself before a problem happens- “What if this and this happens, what will I do?.”

In all sincerity, it has helped me prepare for some bad situations, of course the unexpected will always pop its head but you always having an idea of what to do , will help you cushion a lot of things.

If you can take few minutes today, analyse these 4 points and you will see how you can plan your business differently.

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Aderonke Olubanjo is the Principal Instructor of the leading fashion college in Oyo State. The college has trained thousands of students in the fashion and Entrepreneurship Development sectors over 2 decades.

Choosing The Right Business Name

Let me start by asking how is your business going. For those planning to start, what are the steps you have taken?

How far have you gone with your business plan? Your growth plans? And startup plans? Note I have an economy coming up that will help you get this done in simple ways, as simple as ABC. I’ve penned down how I started and I am sharing it all with you in the books. Watch out.

Today, we’re talking about choosing a name for the business. For existing business owners, you may want to take a second look at your business name.

Does it need adjustment? Is it just okay the way it is for now? Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure if you are not yet sure. Take your time.

It’s a common thing to see business owners combine their names into acronyms to make a business name, or put the names in the family together to form another name. This is a good idea as long as it sounds good and not too long, difficult to spell and pronounce.

The name you will choose for your business is the name you want to be called. Don’t rush to select.

Consider how far you want the business to go. What is the vision? The end goal.

Your business name is unique, and your clients must be happy to relate with it.

If you choose a name that doesn’t relate to your business, people may get a wrong interpretation of what you represent.

Search for keywords in your industry. And work around it. I’ve seen people use beauty lingo in the fashion industry. It may sound okay, but the first impression customers get may mislead.

Let’s take an example



These 2 names belong to a fashion house. To the best of my knowledge, the first name sounds like a makeup business or a hair/ beauty business.

The second name is simple and general, could fit anything. This is an idea of how your name can mislead your audience.

Don’t choose names because you heard someone using it. Sometimes in the spirit of competition, I’ve seen business owners coin name close to what another person is using. It could be out of admiration. If you find yourself on this seat, try to be unique. It’s part of what you want to do.

Copying makes you lazy intellectually, if you don’t task your creativity, it won’t task itself. Carve out a niche for yourself with your business name.

For global brands, products or services- consider your foreign clients too. Simplicity does it.

Your business name will keep being on people’s lips. Don’t take it with fingertips.

Another issue is religion – for those who get over religious with business names. Its okay, it is a personal choice. But ask yourself, is your service, product or brand for some kind of religion only?

If not, you are already creating a demarcation which will affect the business growth.

Take a short time and review your business name.

Search for industry keywords.

Search for keywords in other languages, some languages have beautiful interpretations that are so easy to pronounce, spell and they sure sound exquisite.

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As a Young Entrepreneur, How do I break even FINANCIALLY?….

First of all. You are not alone on this chair, or table so to say. It is a concern most of us face, even the “so called” ‘established ‘ business owners- from your own point of view. You assess them as established, but they believe they are equally on a road to somewhere.

When people for example call me a big girl in the industry. I sometimes look around to check if I’m the same person they are referring to 😊. Because I see myself as a goal getter same way they themselves. Our goals may be different yes, because some of us have played our friendly matches, our qualifying matches and now in the real game.

We are all on this pitch. Everyone wants more money. You do, I do too

But, your concern is how did they get there, because it seems you are just struggling through some thick bushes right now. Believe, it’s a matter of time. You will score more goals on this field.

Finance is why you are in business. Or part of. So you can’t give up yet. Except you feel this lane is not your own.

Having funding issues is normal, many startups face this. And if your business background is not as solid as some, you might find it more tasking. Like, if this is your first business. Getting everything going won’t be milky smooth.

Do your background checks. – know the pits and rocks in this field of yours. Its easier to play when you are familiar with the field. Don’t believe what some motivational speakers say, they make it sound like it’s just a finger snap solution. It is a PROCESS…….

Keep doing your ‘DO’ – in my words. Network and meet people that will help. Some people will only tie you to their aprons, avoid or break from them.

Keep your ears and eyes open and be ready to take risks. Life itself is one big risk. Seek available funding options around you, they keep you in check at times, because you owe your responsibility to ensuring you dont fail on it.

Start small. Don’t price your businesses the way A or B is pricing theirs. What works for you is not what works for them. They may be selling according to their circle ,connections, etc. Is your price fit for your market?

Basically, discover what works for you. It will make your growth easier.

Maximize the power of social media. It is helpful. Share someone’s content, repost, like, follow relevant people and hashtags, build your virtual circle.

There is no end to growing, remember. We are all learners in one way or another. So keep doing it.

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Keep tab and attend any speaking seminars I have too, when you have the chance. One idea is all you need sometimes.

Aderonke Olubanjo- Dgvstyles

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Presidential Aspirant, CEO Of Seigner Sabithos International visits Ibadancity Fashion College

The common saying; do great things, even if you live in a hole, more greatness will find you out. 

This week Ibadancity Fashion College had the great honor of hosting a Presidential Aspirant, Past President of JCI, Past President of Rotary International, a man of many caps – Senator Tunde Anifowose Kelani. 

In His words to the Principal Instructor of the College – Aderonke Olubanjo, “we are watching you, we see what you are doing, and we will give the supports in our capacity to encourage your contributions to the society at large”

Ibadancity Fashion College is the leading Fashion School in Ibadan. The college started off 7 years ago as DGV Fashion Academy, and emerged into Ibadancity Fashion College after its national accreditation as a Technical College. 

The Fashion College has trained and raised hundreds of Fashion Entrepreneurs who are doing well in the city of Ibadan and all over Nigeria and beyond. 

The college, known for its high taste in delivering quality effective and fast training in fashion education has been on a constant rise. With a recent update of international affiliations and recognition locally and internationally. 

“Being recognized and honored by the honorable Senator is a Plus and we remain extremely grateful. We believe this will furthermore lead to college to some higher levels. Benefitting everyone.” – Principal Instructor. 

The rise of unemployment and job security is one of the many reasons Nigerians are finding a way out by learning Good Marketable Skills and Vocations. Instead of waiting for the government adjusting, before they do, make yourself different by Adding Values to yourself. 

No Skill is a waste. It comes in handy eventually. 

Don’t wait, maximize every moment you have and make it count. And if you will invest in your goals, follow the right lane. It makes the journey better and faster. 





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The 5 senses commonly known as – Sense of Sight; Touch; Sound; Smell and Taste. Are not just there for the Biology classes alone. They have roles to play in many aspects of our daily lives as we all know. 

But in the fashion industry, how do they come into action? 

Every design has a process. As a Fashion student or a fashion designer, you should be used to this. The process starts from the thought-stage, when it was just an idea to it’s final execution and display. This looks like a Brief sentence, but the stages can take  as long as the design takes, hours…..days….weeks……months……  

The design process applicable to different business development can also come to use in the Fashion workplace, the way you interpret it is up to your personal specifications. 

 This is a topic for another time. 
Today we are focusing on the 5 senses we were taught in school and how it helps our designs. 

Each of the five senses play a significant role in the process. And each should be considered if you always want professionalism take a key role in your fashion business. How you understand working with it is what matters now. 

When you get so passionate with your work, some things come easy. Same way in the process of the job, lots of lessons are learned and things get easier by and by. 

Let’s start with the sense of ……


There is no faster way to assess your works yourself, and by others, than how it appeals to the eyes. An appealing outfit /Fabric draws attention faster. We call them “eye candy”. You must activate the ability to know this and develop it. It matters when you want to consider display clothes. Either as store display or social media displays. At this stage, the finishing and other details come later, it must be able to attract the eye at first glance. 

How vibrant are your color choices?  

How the shapes and other factors align to create perfect attractiveness.?

How you work with the Contrasts. ? You must be dramatic with the way you work with contrasting colors to create pretty illusions. 

Next we have the …


After seeing, there are responses and results. He client or prospective clients will want to feel it. Either by trying it on or by touching to feel the texture. 

How the Fabric feels against their skin. 

If it’s soothing and smooth on the body. Or by touch. 

How the outfit lays on their body, how it conforms and makes them feel matters here. The more comfortable it feels, the better. This means, when shoooing for the resources, in your design process cycle, you have to put a lot into consideration. Don’t just buy because it’s attractive, touch and feel how it feels on the skin.   Soft or stiff? Smooth or rough? 


 The next sounds quite funny too. It is 

You start to wonder, what sound does your designs make? Apart from the sounds of details. There are sounds that remain inaudible, but let’s face the facts. Designs speak. If only you have the “ear” to hear it. Some great designers will tell you, when they see a lovely Fabric , it’s telling them ‘something’. Maybe we will call that an extra 6th sense 😉. 

But here let’s apply this to the ruffling sound the Fabric makes, it the clicks of the details attached to it, like beads and sequins and buttons. The rustling sound they make as you move. The rhythmic pattern of the blings on your garment, etc. why do we see an outfit and say it is loud? – it is definitely saying ‘something’. 

Consider the sounds your designs will make. On the stands and on the wearer. 

Next we have 


Scents are called ambience transformers. We have designers who make the scents of their stores attractive and peculiar to them. That you could almost link the air to them.  This will come into play in your design process when we consider the marketing and display duties. When a client enters your store, how appealing? It looks beautiful, does it smell good.? The way your store or workspace smells will transfer to the outfits too. It is called “psychological trigger” or “aromatherapy + Fashion”. Make the scents appealing enough to keep them till they make their purchases and even keep them coming back. 

And lastly , we have 


In the fashion world, we call them -Edible garments. Designs so sweet you could almost eat. Asides ‘Taste’ – that reflects how you follow the other 4 senses tastefully, choosing and making with a particular sense of purpose that fits some ‘Tastes’ or target customers. Sometimes you play around fashion by using edible items, although this is meant for runways or photoshoots alone. 

So In this sense, let’s settle for the first definition. If you are in an area, ensure your designs fits the taste of that area. You won’t kill your market if you obey your environment. Ignoring what works in your environment is like stabbing your market in the eye. Let your designs and taste match. In a student community, if you major on Couture, you may not hit the market in the eye the way you should. 

And ensure your designs are so good we can almost feel the flavor on our lips. 

 It is believed , we humans have more than 5 senses. Reach in and tap into all the senses you are gifted with. Even the ones you haven’t used before, they just may be somewhere waiting for full expression. 

The way you apply all you learn will influence the results you and others see. Don’t just be a regular in the fashion industry. Dare to be Different!

All designs featured in this article are made and modeled by fashion students of Ibadancity Fashion College. 

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Ibadancity Fashion College is the leading Fashion school in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria. 

Having raised hundreds of fashionpreneurs and still going stronger. Empowering youths and equipping them with skills to excel and  be outstanding in the skills learnt and career of their choice. Our classes are not only hands-on practicals and theory classes, but also loaded with Entrepreneurial classes to equip them as they learn on the go. We teach all fashion related courses and more. 

Located on Ring Road Ibadan. 

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Behind IBEDC office (Capital building). 

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We all move around free? , okay the men and the guys don’t seem to carry bags like we the ladies and mammas do right?  I love carrying my bags just like many other pretty divas do. Seems we always have something we think we need or might need in that bag we carry, but really how many of it do we use?  Hmmmmm……. got me thinking why we carry that much around. …….
   This is the same way we are all carrying excessive packages that slow down our rise. That mind is a Bag you carry everyday, man or woman, young or old.  And what you have in it is exactly what you see today on you and in you.


Every lady loves shopping and so do men, when we need and crave for something real bad, we do all it takes to achieve it. If only we put in this much zeal into the ‘Achievement Lane’. Many times you have to be the referee and blow the whistle for You to take off. January has gone again and what can you see in the ‘Achievements-Pack’ that you can boast of?


Dreams are not just dreams, they do come true Only when you stand and work it out, no magic makes that happen, no miracle makes that real, the only way it works is you getting up and working the chances out. Place and lay your options on the table and start the game. Play one per time, some you will win, others you may lose, most importantly, you’re already doing it and the chances keeps rising.


Basically what you start seeing is what starts manifesting to all.


If I haven’t believed in me, I won’t be near where I am today. Many of us still want to be cheered on, mostly, no one will, until you start cheering yourself.
The plans you laid down this January, if they are still hanging in the air, you still have all the time to put them together and start Now! Drop the Drop-ables in your ‘Mind-Bag’ and Repack!


We are in a new month and yes it’s time to start new records.
I was listening to Serena Williams yesterday after her Win, she said in her speech, ‘I went to the court (field) with a Racket, A Ball, and Hope….’ and she came back with a Trophy!  What are you entering February with?


That thing on your mind can happen if you so want it. Your Hope, Faith and Determination must be in the Pack to help out. Money is not the obstacle, imagine yourself in a no man’s land, won’t you give it all it takes to survive?  Stop waiting to be spoon-fed. I still say whatever DGV is today, started with just one sewing machine, and we are still on the way to somewhere beautiful. I still have my low and high days, but I keep pressing on, that’s the only medicine I have. My Faith, my Hope, my Hardwork, my Determination, my Focus, my Prayers too…. and when I get steps higher,  each time I look back thankful for that step and i keep going.


No one needs to cheer me, I know where i want to be, so I keep the gaze fixed.
Let your focus be strong enough to keep you moving.
Any field you find yourself, make your own Stand out.
Have a beautiful month and when you look back few days into this February, Be sure you can smile and give yourself a nod of ‘Welldone’


Don’t wait for others’ approval, when the dream gets real, they will join your band!


Start today, start Now. Repack that Mind-Bag, carry in it only what you need. And watch out for the Trophy! !!.

DGV FASHION ACADEMY is the leading fashion school in Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria
We offer theory, practical and Entrepreneurial classes.
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Your Career Toolbox- What’s Inside?

Professional Pilots will always tell you,  no matter how long they have been flying, they are required twice a year to spend a week retraining.
Should we be less concerned about keeping our skills up to date?
No matter how acquainted you are with your vision,  strategy and structure;  we all need to have that vision re energised on a regular basis.
  If all you have in Your Career Toolbox is  a Hammer, you tend to treat everything as a nail.
     A farmer can be hardworking and dedicated,  but he must be Skilled in handling right equipment. If he attempts harvesting corn with wheat harvesting tools, he is bound to fail.


   Success requires more than
dedication and  hard work, it takes Skill,  Timing and Right Tools.  Of course, prayer is absolutely essential,  but it takes more than prayer to grow your career.
  We say, there is a time to pray and a time to Act Accordingly and Responsibly. We Nigerians especially tend to get ‘all Spiritual’ when things go wobbly — Wait, Observe,  Check The Causes,  Pray, ACT ACCORDINGLY.


Have a Blessed week.
DGV. … 

Sharpening Your Own Ax!

It takes more than dedication to grow your career.  ‘SKILL’ is crucial. ☝
Now, acquiring a skill doesn’t mean you are skilled on that field. Being skilled on that field should become your target.  “If the Ax is dull and its edge unsharpened,  more strength is needed, but skill will bring success ” (Holy Bible).
    God says skill, not just dedication. If you will have to chop wood, you’ll do better job by sharpening your Ax first.
The point is Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Take time to learn the skills you need, you will save time in the long run  and be far more successful.
Never rush learning. It’s a pity these days that many people do not spend as much time as they should learning and developing themselves. Every one seems to be in a hurry to be called CEOs,  but how many of them are truly unique and outstanding enough to be called CEO. ?
What are you executing? How solid is your root?, your base and your background?  Do not be all about the titles and positions and names. Be a representative of what you claim to be representing.
Sharpen your own Ax by reading wide , attend seminars, conferences, and always observe working models. Sadly, how many in this category have working and real models they look up to and tag? If you think you are the best, then that’s exactly where the problem is. No one knows it all.
You are never wasting your time when you are sharpening your Ax.

Have a fulfilling week. .

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