How to style up for harmattan in Nigeria

Hows the weather in your area? If you’re not a Nigerian, you cannot appreciate harmattan. I mean, that’s about the coldest season we have when some are enjoying winter chills.

During this season, the weather is dry and a bit cold in the early and late hours. The afternoon sun is however not kidding cos it gets so hot.

You see why I said you can’t deal with this if you’re not Nigerian. Yet we enjoy the combo weather so much that we want long sleep during this season.

Back to our style talk, how do you dress up and make the best of this once in a year brief season.

If you’re like me, it’s the time to dig up those layered clothes and rock them.

A perfect season for kimonos.

Why Kimonos? Because they are your best friend when the weather does a bipolar switch by noon. Just pull off your overall and enjoy in your summer top and pants 👖 or slacks. Leggings are great choices, get the rooms that won’t show off your inner wears especially if you’re going to workplace.

What can you wear under your kimonos long and short?

1. Shorts and tops

2. Leggings and tops

3. Midi dresses

4. Short dresses

5. Long dresses

The list goes on. Just style up and look amazing for yourself.

Don’t forget to use some cool fragrances, smell good hmmmmmmm.

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How To Dress To Look Slimmer In Your Outfits? …….

Some of us envy the hourglass ladies who have all the shape going good. But, as a matter of fact nothing stops anyone from “slaying”. Of course, with your self confidence intact, you’re always good to go.

Being in the shoes of what to wear to bring the shape out, and having the task of advising and helping clients with how to look smart and sharp. Let’s share some tips with ourselves today.

Age, pregnancy, childbirth, genes, body type, and many more factors contribute to our changing body shapes. But to keep your confidence level up, don’t fall for it. It’s your duty to make sure you look your best and always walk head held high.

All of us can’t be size 6 or size 0, nature has blessed some of us and we should love ourselves the way we are

it’s good to live healthy and shed the excess body weights. Exercise and keep a good health record. But don’t go overboard killing yourself in order to be skinny. Don’t go starving, if you starve to lose weight, the weight will come back. – just a personal side opinion.

So, whether your plus or minus size, hourglass, six or sixty pack, these tips will always come in handy. 😉

1. Always buy, make and wear your correct size.

As a fashion designer I am seeing that in this part of the world, many people don’t know the size they wear. Get to know your size, ask your designer or consult a good one to get your body statistics and tell you your size in different countries options. ( You can consult me if you don’t mind. That’s my job ✌🏻)

Wearing clothes that are too big or too small won’t make you smart. Big clothes make you look bigger and tight clothes will only draw unnecessary attention to areas you would have loved to hide.

2. Opt for waist defining clothes once in a while.

Snatch That Waist!

To appear thinner, cinch in the waist. It surely gives you a smaller waistline. Use belts to cinch, or your Shapewear. Your Shapewear is something you should have for the days you will need them. You don’t have to be an everyday user, just get one or 2 for the needed days. And always wear the right undergarments. Sometimes your underwears are more important than the outerwear. They give shape to your body.

3. Stilettos May be your friend on the skinny jeans days. They give you that butt lift 😉 and an elegant look longer legs look.

4. The One Color Wonder. Monochrome Magic. There are days for colors and days for just one color for a simpler all in one look. This look just keeps you simple and classy , leaving all things in proportion.

5. Vertical Stripes – we all know the power of stripes and when well arranged, can give that optical illusion that can transform your total look. It makes you look taller and slimmer. You can play around it in different areas for better shape.

6. Boot Cuts can save the day too – boot cut pants 👖 draw attention away from your waistline and gives you a slimmer longer legs look too.

7. V – Necklines – makes you appear slimmer. Try it. It naturally makes your upper body longer. And for those with full upper body, it gives you a slimmed down look. But remember to invest in good push up bras. Looking saggy is a No No.

So Go Girl and use one or all the tips, give yourself a “dressing lift “, at least it’s cheaper than a face lift or butt lift 😉. Lift yourself in your affordable way and go win ’em goals!

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