How to style up for harmattan in Nigeria

Hows the weather in your area? If you’re not a Nigerian, you cannot appreciate harmattan. I mean, that’s about the coldest season we have when some are enjoying winter chills.

During this season, the weather is dry and a bit cold in the early and late hours. The afternoon sun is however not kidding cos it gets so hot.

You see why I said you can’t deal with this if you’re not Nigerian. Yet we enjoy the combo weather so much that we want long sleep during this season.

Back to our style talk, how do you dress up and make the best of this once in a year brief season.

If you’re like me, it’s the time to dig up those layered clothes and rock them.

A perfect season for kimonos.

Why Kimonos? Because they are your best friend when the weather does a bipolar switch by noon. Just pull off your overall and enjoy in your summer top and pants 👖 or slacks. Leggings are great choices, get the rooms that won’t show off your inner wears especially if you’re going to workplace.

What can you wear under your kimonos long and short?

1. Shorts and tops

2. Leggings and tops

3. Midi dresses

4. Short dresses

5. Long dresses

The list goes on. Just style up and look amazing for yourself.

Don’t forget to use some cool fragrances, smell good hmmmmmmm.

You can buzz me to order from my beautiful kimono collections, you will definitely want to order more for you and your friends.

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Sewing is fun. Yes we that Sew, know. But, once in some times, little things can make you cranky while working on your projects.

Today, we have some saving tips for you. You need them and surely, they will help you a whole lot. Don’t just read alone, share with a friend that sews too.

Many a times, the thread just refuses to cooperate with you when you want to fix it, due to different conditions. You’re not alone. There’s a very simple hack to make this stop.

Your Hairspray! That spray is enough to help you stiffen the thread, and that makes the threading perfectly easier. ✅. Check that. And don’t forget.

•• Sewing gathers made easier. This will only work if you have or use a zigzag sewing machine. Get a knitting thread/wool. Place in the middle and run your loose zigzag stitches over it. Then pull the wool. There you have your easy and well laid gather. And every time you pull your gathers to the needed inches, always remember to run your regular firm stich over the line to make it stay and well laid. ✅

••• The Bar Soap and pins Magic.

If you have heard of emery bag in your sewing classes. It’s that bag that contains special dust to keep your pins sharp. There are times you would want to push the pins through some fabric layers and they just won’t go. If you can’t access the emery bag. Your soap could do the magic. You will be surprised!

That’s a license to no more bent and rusted full pins. ✅

To get sharp pointed edges. Trim twice. Trim the excess that creators bulk inside off.

We’ll pause here today and pick next time.

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You Really Want To Stay In The Fashion Biz….

Choosing to study fashion used to be a second opinion back in the days in Nigeria . When some go to high school and colleges, those who couldn’t go due to different reasons opt to acquire different skills.

The rating of those acquiring skills then was not as high as what we are seeing now. Who would have said the times could turn so fast. Even the government is preaching skill acquisition to the graduates and students now.

It’s becoming clearer that the fashion industry is getting more people daily. The self awareness factor, the lack of employment, unstable college calendar etc…. as major contributors.

As much as it is good to consider acquiring skills, how deep have you thought about it before embarking on it. Fashion business is no joke. As fast as it can make you, losing a small step can either make you irrelevant or out of the game.

You have seen the booming fashion designers with their posh cars and rich lifestyles. Before you covet it, pause and look deeper and think. Is what you see the reality of the game. Whatever you see is not what they built in a day. Silent years of labour is lying somewhere in between the memories.

Now, as you would see, the industry is growing fast. And becoming highly competitive. You need to have Ace cards to play your game right.

First thing first, While planning to embark on the fashion lane, while putting things in place. Tell yourself that no opportunity to learn and get better will fly without you grabbing them. Asides from learning, learn more.

Gain all the experiences that can help your vision. Your basic training is your key to a wide range of exciting career opportunities and options.

Fashion has to do with ideas. Open up your minds. Anything could bring inspiration.

When you open your mind to learn and grab from every passing Inspiration, you’re helping yourself grow.

Don’t always copy what you see, let every thing inspire you. Add your own touch and bring out your own masterpiece always.

be ready to work hard. Fashion business is not a child’s play. Even when you have good hands working for you. You have to be in your toes.

Quality Control – The standard you are building for your fashion line must be on the rise. Never falling nor failing. Otherwise, you may lose out. Remember the competition is tight.

Don’t Joke with first impressions.

Anytime you’re meeting or working for a new client is time to never joke with. you are having the opportunity to create a lasting impression, that determines if you gain them and gain more through them, or lose them and lose more.

Sourcing for your Fabrics and other materials.

Go for originality. Go for classics. Give your clients pieces that will last it’s worth. Think about investing in good textiles. It is the fuel of your business. Your business will boom wherever you are located if you are very good at what you do. Packaging and giving it that “it” look is not what sells eventually. It is the quality of what comes out of it. Just as the book cover attracts, the contents keeps you glued.

invest rightly.

How you start and why you start with. Don’t buy what you won’t need. Buy the essentials that can and will serve you. The cash you will use to buy machine you won’t need now can be spent buying other essentials. If you want to buy a heavy duty industrial machine, and your power generator can’t serve the purpose. That might be a right investment based on wrong timing.

Allow the business to grow naturally.

Watch and study. And allow the business grow, so you can know how worthy it is. Don’t spend your profits, re-invest. Don’t borrow to sustain the business. If it’s not growing check and see where the loopholes may be. Did you gain enough before starting off. A half baked bread can’t last. Be sure it’s the business and not you.

Don’t judge your pace by another person’s speed. You are not wearing their shoes.

Give it thoughts and always double check. See if the business is meant for you. Don’t stay struggling. And always seek to improve yourself. Otherwise you may fade out.

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PINTUCKS …- The Presser Foot That Makes The Magic Easier 

Few weeks ago we shared a post on our Instagram page (@dgvstyles) and Facebook (Dgvstyles) about this presser foot that does a little wonder. And makes the sewing task easier. We had lots of comments on the post and how to get it done, how it works, is it real? etc….  The simple answer was and still is – it works and it is available as long your sewing machine can accommodate it. Not all sewing machines can use it , -eg the local one we call – Black Head. Other double sewing machines can work with it.  

Pin tucks are those tiny fine pleats you often see on garments. Used for some styling details or to replace embroidery when carefully crafted. What makes it unique is the spacing and the placement. Which has a lot to do with how accurate you place the tucks when stitching. It always looks tasking to get it accurately done especially for those at beginners level of sewing. But it can be done with the help of this tiny weeny amazing tool. 

Before the PRESSER foot can key in and work well at both sides, the twin needle has to replace the single needle. The twin needle has a single needle head but 2 needle shanks. 

Basically, apart from the presser foot, the twin needle is equally essential. Pints have foot and twin needle are 2  friends that work together 

The foot comes in different sizes.  All you need do is – Insert your pintuck foot and twin needle. Adjust your tension to the highest setting. (This is really important). A high tension will make the pintuck stick up from the fabric, if it is too loose, the pintuck will not form and it will make two lines of thread. 

The base of the foot has some grooves, The grooves are there so you can space your pintucks perfectly. 

Sewing pintucks is easy when you have the right pintuck foot. Choosing a pintuck foot depends on two things: the brand of your sewing machine and the desired width of the pintucks. Most machines require a specific presser foot designed for that brand, but there are also “one style fits all” pintuck attachments that can be found online or in sewing stores , which most likely may not be found here. The next time you take a trip outside Nigeria or see anyone to help , you could browse for the available feet in the area and where to get them. 

Also ensure your sewing machine can work with double threads, whether it has spools for 2 threads or how you can place the 2 threads. 

There are a number of things that can still be done with the pintuck presser foot. 


Your sewing machine can Sew-So-Easy if and when you add the right extras to it for maximum output. 

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 Because it’s 2016? Let’s Get It Going……

Amazing how time flies and what seems so far away just happens like that at a finger snap and you wonder how did it happen so fast. Few weeks or days ago, we were all anticipating, and yes here we are. Thankful and hopeful…….  Now wait, don’t start hoping on 2016, this year poses seriousness, it’s like it’s ready for those who are ready for it. 

My religious self went checking out what some religious leaders and heads said about 2016 and yes a very high percentage points to the same thing. It’s going to be great for those who take it serious. Well , putting spirituality aside, greatness happens to those who makes their opportunities meet preparations.  Don’t apportion blames on the economy or government so soon, what exactly are you doing to make it a better year for you in all ways. 

If you made the same moves, you’ll definitely have the same results. Make changes even if small.  

 The Jobs and employment reports are not looking that good, many companies are laying off and will still lay off, salary slashes, insecurities and uncertainties in offices to make them meet with the economic demands and balances. It’s not strange because it happens all the time, it’s only the rate and the number of people affected that seems alarming. I remember when growing up, my mum would say “apart from your certificate, have somethings you can do with your own hands “. That statement has been a blessing to me and many other lives I’ve been able to touch till date. 

Sometimes when you refuse to take a step, you’re not only affecting yourself but equally all the strings of life attached to that decision. No man is a single tree, we all come with branches , leaves, fruits and more, all depending on the life supplied from the roots. Your getting rooted has a ripple effect on many others.  

 If the government can be screaming that people should get involved in small scale businesses etc then what more do you need to hear? 

Whether you are working or not, find time to discover some side passion and develop it as a backup. It’s the best umbrella for rainy days. Let those around you know the importance of having a backup plan before they become your liabilities soon. In this age and time, housewife doesn’t sound so classy, be a stay-home mum with a skill in the apron. Life happens, be well prepared.  

 Before you graduate, look at the job sector and the troubled waters it is brewing lately, borrow yourself some advices and make plans to secure tomorrow. While waiting on the interview, add value to yourself. 

Just think about whatever makes you pop a smile or arouses your interest, your passion lies there and working where your passion lies brings easy learning and better results. Look around and get a place to work it out. Be sure it’s a place that will support your passion. If you are where you don’t like, the passion thins out and the interest and zeal may fizzle out too. Don’t make that mistake.  

 Back to my own passion- sewing, fashion, crafts and souvenirs and more. Nothing fulfills me more than working on these. That’s why the team and I have been helping many others work this dream out. Starting as DGV Fashion Academy. Now to a government certified technical college- IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE.  

We offer many courses, from the serious courses to the leisure courses to make it sound simpler. Semester courses and Crash courses available on more than 50 areas. Name it, once it’s fashion and craft related, we have it. And our time table suits you no matter what your schedule looks like. The purpose is to pass the vision of a backup plan and raise entrepreneurs. With over 17 years experience and graduating over 500 students and counting, we stand tall in the country as one of the best.  

 You don’t have to sew clothes only to make it in the fashion world. The opportunities are many and we Expose it to our students to avail them the privilege of seeing more and having more choices. Where money lies sometimes is easier than many people think. 

From all fashion related courses, to the business sides of it, management aspects , textile courses and more……..

We also offer National  and international qualifying exams to our students and external students. If you desire to study abroad or relocate, this offer is one you can’t afford to miss. Don’t relocate and start running around. Get qualifications to make your living easier. Our affiliations spread across a number of countries. It’s easier than you think. Make a Move!!!  

 IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE resumes for 2016 on Monday 4th of January. 

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Don’t just learn a skill, be certified to stand tall anywhere in the world.