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What are the skills you will acquire as a student in ibadancity fashion college?

  1. From startup level, to intermediate and advanced levels, you learn and master professional sewing techniques, garment production and garment construction methods and skills.
  2. Techniques to build your fashion portfolio.
  3. Understanding how the fashion industry works, the business and entrepreneurial aspects of fashion design.

Classes outline – here is a few outline of the startup class courses.

Introduction to sewing.  Basic and primary sewing techniques.

Beginners garment construction  bodice etc

Fashion  business and entrepreneurship seminars

Intermediate Class

                Handling advanced sewing techniques.

Advanced garment production and construction.

Pattern and size grading. factory Production technique.

Building portfolios and boards

Courses include

  • Formal wears
  • Street fashion (optional)
  • and more……

Session 3

includes – Personal fashion Label / line creation

At this stage, project of each student includes developing and creating their fashion label. They are introduced to the real world of fashion industry and design. 

They come up with logos, potential brand names, collections in different categories, lookbooks, photoshoot styling and more.

Runway preparation classes and projects.

Social media platforms review and development

This stage qualifies the student to partake in an international transfer study program in UAE. Which could enhance their study continuation outside Nigeria, in United Kingdom, UAE or India.

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